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Handy Mental Health Articles

Inspired for #mentalhealthweek! Discussions and ways to cope, keep your zen, self-improve and relieve stress/anxiety.

How to Mix Your Zen with the Holidays

The idea of preserving and cherishing your zen throughout the holidays probably seems like an unattainable task. Who has time to sit and think about nothing when gifts need to be wrapped, cards need to be mailed, requested breads need to be baked, flights need to... #health #theholidays #wellbeing

Closing the Curtains: How I Cope With Bouts of Depression

"She was a girl who knew how to be happy, even when she was sad. And that's important." --Marilyn Monroe Depression is like a bad word with bad connotations. People overuse it inappropriately the same way they might throw a cuss word or two to the... #copingstrategies #depression #mentalhealth

5 Ways To Help You Heal With Writing

If you're freaked out, confused, hurt, angry or just depressed, writing can potentially be a cure-all. Writing can come in handy during those times when your friend may have said something that suddenly made you so over-the-top defensive, but neither one of you are sure why.

Take Your Fret Away

Part II of Her Meanest Day When caught in the rip current of fret, you feel like there's no end in sight. You're stuck in the flow of overwhelming thoughts. How did I miss that conference call?! Did I phrase that correctly? Should I have said yes instead of no?

8 Quick Fixes for Stress Relief on-the-go (Bonus: free workout...

Bonus free no-equipment-needed workout printable: Quick fix workout ! Thanks to's resources! #health #stressrelief #workout

48 Colors of Stress Relief...

So when I told my friend, a successful psychologist, that my new technique for stress relief was painting and coloring (yes, as in coloring books!), she didn't seem surprised...surprisingly. In fact, she was so supportive she found an actual coloring book for grown... #fun #girlsnight #greatgift

Looking back at Your Kid Self may be the Best Thing You've ever...

I remember never wanting to leave the bathtub when I was little. It was one of the best places around. I had floating ships and mermaids, Mr. Bubbles avalanches, Ninja Turtle foam soap. One of the greatest toys for the tub was my set of write on the bathroom tile...

Are You Suffering from Kim Kardashian Issues? 10 Ways Obsessing...

Maybe it's because I live in Miami, or maybe it's because throughout most of my online leisure activity, beauty is consistently a spotlighted subject. It seems (myself included), like Cleopatra, we are always trying to find the perfect recipe for physical beauty. I'll... #beauty #cosmetics #looks

A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Think of a pinball machine, how the ultimate goal is to not let the pinball fall back down into the machine. This is how I meditate. I'm constantly trying to bounce my thoughts away from the my imaginary mind's eye. It is as tough as it sounds. Actually, lately it's...

10 Home Remedies to Help You Heal

For Kee-ko It hurts. Stuff hurts. For everyone. Feeling emotional pain is as typical in life as getting a cold. Yet, for many of us, hurting is a setback, a sign of weakness or failure. Inevitably, many of us squish, stack and store the stuff that hurts us away. Like...