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Key Benefits of a Car Service Plan

Annual MOT and servicing of your car may leave you with unexpected, untimely and costly expenses; so ensuring you’re getting value for your money is vital. Acting like a household bill, a car service plan will cover the costs of your service and MOT for just a small sum each month, for a period of time to suit you. This will guarantee comprehensive, industry standard servicing for your vehicle and offers a number of cost-saving benefits:



There are a range of flexible service plans available to cover your costs for MOTs and servicing from months to years. At the Good Garage Scheme, you can acquire cover for standard servicing with or without MOT depending on your preference.


Simple budgeting

Simple budgeting

All monthly instalments are fixed and interest-free, making budgeting extremely simple. With a car service plan you can also ensure that the price of parts, labour and oil are fixed, and many providers offer a budgeting solution to help make your car servicing and MOT costs more manageable.


Great savings

Paying for servicing over a longer period is generally cheaper than paying separately each year. If you invest in a car service plan you can also take advantage of a range of other included discounts, depending on your provider and plan.


Risk free

Risk free

Not only will you be covered for the future for a fixed, inflation-proof monthly sum, a service plan will protect your manufacturer warranty, as servicing will be carried out in line with the manufacturer’s advised service schedule and using only approved parts. This solution will therefore preserve the future resale value of your vehicle. We’ll keep a copy of your service history for your records, further securing your vehicle’s resale value and proving peace of mind.


Efficient service

Car checks are made easier with guaranteed comprehensive and consistent servicing suitable for your requirements. We’ve made registering for our car service scheme even simpler, with our 5 easy online registration steps. If you have any questions or would like a free no obligation quotation, please contact our servicing team on 0330 099 6826.