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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 1.12 – 7.12.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 1.12 – 7.12.2015

Na nowo opowiedziane LEGENDY POLSKIE - Allegro

Zobacz film SMOK. Legendę o odwadze, sile, ambicji, empatii, sprycie, dumie, o nas.

„Wygrywając dziś, wygrywasz jutro. Make it possible" - kampania Huawei z udziałem Roberta Lewandowskiego (wideo) - Wi...

Wystartowała kampania reklamowa Huawei „Make it Possible" z udziałem Roberta Lewandowskiego. Piłkarz, który został ambasadorem marki, opowiada w spocie swoją historię. Zachęca do tego, aby bez względu na przeciwności losu dążyć do realizacji marzeń, bo ich spełnienie zależy od nas samych.

Nowość w Sotrenderze: Instagram!

Nadszedł ten długo wyczekiwany moment. Od dziś w Sotrenderze możecie analizować kolejny kanał - Instagram. Wybraliśmy go z kilku powodów. Po pierwsze, słuchaliśmy waszych próśb i potrzeb. Po drugie, Instagram stał się w ciągu kilku lat swojego istnienia jedną z najważniejszych platform społecznościowych i jest coraz częściej wykorzystywany w działaniach biznesowych.

„Nowa Astra. Drażni klasę wyższą!". Złota farba na outdoorze (wideo) - Wiadomości - Marketing przy Kawie - praktyczne...

W ramach kampanii wprowadzającej na rynek nowego Opla Astrę prowadzona jest akcja ambientowa. Billboardy promujące samochód zostały obrzucone złotą farbą. Na facebookowym profilu marki toczy się z kolei dyskusja na temat rozwiązań zastosowanych w tym modelu. Tę odsłonę kampanii nagłośnił

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to donate 99 percent of their Facebook fortune

In a surprise announcement today, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have pledged to donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares to the cause of human advancement. That represents roughly $45 billion at Facebook's current valuation, making it one of the largest pledges in history.

Twitter Trends 11.2015 - pobierz raport za darmo!

Raport Twitter Trends. Sotrender - lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube'a i Twittera.

File sharing platform WeTransfer to launch music streamer in 2016

Cloud-based file sharing platform WeTransfer to launch music streamer as a promotional tool for artists -- and itself.

Google now lets you star images and add them to collections

Have you ever needed to revisit a photo you searched for, but you didn't want to download it or save the link? Well, Google's fixed that. Google just launched a Pinterest-like feature for its Image Search, making it incredibly easy to save searched images to collections. Say you search for "bob hairstyles."

Publishers can now link to their Snapchat channels and content on Facebook and Twitter

Snapchat's now allowing publishers to link their Discover channel's content directly on Facebook and Twitter. Check out our #WorldAIDSDay edition on @Snapchat and help end the stigma: - Vox (@voxdotcom) December 1, 2015 Demonstrated by Vox media today, links lead to a page with a QR code, which users can click through to open the app or scan if they are looking at it on desktop.

Facebook Adds Multiple Matching Options for Custom Audiences

Facebook has added real-time matching across multiple data types to its custom audiences ad-targeting tool. The social network said in a Facebook Marketing Partners post that the new option is available to advertisers using Facebook Marketing Partners or the ads application-programming interface, and stressing that data used for matching will still be hashed, and those hashes will be deleted following the completion of the process.

LinkedIn's new Facebook-like app arrives on iOS and Android

LinkedIn just gave its flagship app a major facelift. The company released a redesigned version of its main app Tuesday. The new app, which was first previewed in October, makes the app look more like Facebook and other social media apps.

Sell Products From Instagram With Photoslurp

Not having links on Instagram posts is not such a bad thing really... But not for most brands. If only they could add links to their Instagram posts. If only. Sales would shoot straight through the roof! Well, it's not possible and that's that (for now), however Photoslurp has an answer.

Uber wants to integrate with all your apps

These days, an Uber button in an app can be seen as a sign of technological sophistication. For developers, integrating Uber in an app speaks volumes about the type of customer you're trying to attract: young, educated, city-dwelling, and affluent. Now, Uber wants to make it easier than ever for developers to convey that message.

The 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2015

How do you measure a company's level of innovation? Ask its competitors who's the best at innovating. Boston Consulting Group on Wednesday published its annual list of the 50 most innovative companies in the world, rankings based on an international survey of 1,500 senior business executives.

Messages, Events Added to Facebook Page Plugin

Facebook has added messages and events to its page plugin, which it launched earlier this year. Front-end engineer Yugal Jindle revealed the new features for page plugin in a blog post, saying that the integration of messages into the page plugin will allow users to send Facebook messages to businesses without actually leaving their websites.

Snapchat's Ads Are Now Cheaper, But You Probably Still Can't Afford It

A while ago, we reported that Snapchat was asking for a little less than a million dollars to allow to brands to advertise on its platform. Yes, "millennial" reach costs a lot, but we have a feeling that the app has had a huge markup as well.

Facebook now lets you chat with businesses via Messenger on their website

Managing a Facebook Page is a crucial social strategy for many business owners today, and now Facebook wants to make it easier to interact with customers right from their own websites. An update to the Page Plug-in lets businesses add a message box and event information to their page.

YouTube Trends 11.2015 - pobierz raport za darmo!

Raport YouTube Trends. Sotrender - lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube'a i Twittera.

Twitter Erupts in Mockery Over Selection of Sleepy Coldplay for Super Bowl Halftime

Super Bowl fans, are you ready to rock? Hope not, because you're getting Coldplay. The mellow crooners were announced today as the 2016 Super Bowl's halftime headliners, which was music to the ears of fans. But the choice (as it does each year) elicited its share of critics.

Google's new mobile ad format lets you try an app for 60 seconds without downloading it

Just weeks after Google unveiled a new way to stream apps from search results without downloading them, it's now turned that into a new mobile advertising format. Today, the company announced "Trial Run Ad," which will let users sample an app for 60 seconds before receiving the download prompt.

Facebook makes photo collages, adds live streaming for all

Facebook is adding an interesting new automatic collage feature, which appears when you share photos from your phone's camera. When you tap the photos button, you'll see automatically created collages based on the location and time you took them. Collages can be re-arranged before they're shared, or you can create your own instead.

McDonald's Presents "LOADED" A Social Film | Digital Buzz Blog

So McDonald's Australia have handed over the directors chair to their fans in an epic content series that hopes to become the world's biggest crowd-directed short-film... about fries! (It's all part of McDonald's Australia's "Loaded Fries" launch.) It's all playing out on Facebook here.

Volvo wie jak robić reklamy - po tej zapomnicie o Van Dammie

Ciężarówka w pełnym rozmiarze. Dziewczynka z pilotem. Żwirownia pełna przeszkód i 4-letnia Sophie, która z pomocą aparatury zdalnego sterowania steruje 18 tonową maszyną i próbuje pokonać trasę demolując wszystko po drodze łącznie z samą cieżaró

Pornhub Christmas Ad Is Surprisingly Touching

Christmas ads are supposed to tug at the heartstrings, but porn websites typically inspire a different kind of tugging. Pornhub is attempting to connect those rather disparate goals with a new commercial for customized gift cards to its premium subscription service. The ad shows a family getting together for the holidays with most of the members looking happy.

Facebook begins selling concert tickets directly on events pages

Bringing livestreaming to everyone wasn't all the news Facebook had in store today; a BuzzFeed report indicates the company has begun selling concert tickets directly through events pages. The option appears via simple a 'Buy Tickets' button, which will take you to a shopping interface right within the Facebook app or website.