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My Top 30 Slidedecks on Content Marketing & Social Media

THE LOVE CONNECTION: How to create content people feel passionate about.

This was created for Entrepreneurs Questions #EQlist ~ Questions every Entrepreneur needs to ask to be Successful.

Three ways we just look (physically digitally mentally). why lurkers matter in a self service economy

Why do people just look? We look in life, online and mentally. We look to learn, evaluate and assess our options. Today's self-service economy has enabled many...

How we Snack on Information (how not to get forgotten/ lost in a self-service economy)

Are you helping people remember you and your brands in their search for information? Are you serving the self-serving consumer? Are you ignoring them? Are you ...

Lurkers Into Leads: 11 Hacks to Connect with the 99 Percent (The Silent Majority)

Some might call it "talking to the shadow people" or "getting the lurkers to reveal themselves" We're exploring the 1% Rule ( ie 1:9:90). Learn what it takes...

No Such Thing as Social Media

Social Media is a much used term. Beneath the name the categories of tools have emerged and evolved. This deck explains how Social Media is two things and how ...

Embed Me. 5 Ways Your Brand is Losing Media Share (Blogs have Changed)

Do you really understand the depth of the way Digital Media works. via multiple conversations with many people I've found that while many people seem to use th...

Unlurk Me? Exploring the value of Lurkers & Lurking (in the looker centric self-service economy)

UnLurk me? Brands & Consumers Lurk, but what makes us unlurk? There's an art to participation. 24 Social Laws to entice the 90% from the shadows Brands & cons...

50 Shades of Dark Social - Exploring the Dark Side of Digital Media

Dark Social is an interesting concept. I researched it here I explore the dark side of...

Five Slideshare Truths: Part I (Lessons from Authoring 50 Decks & Earning 200k Views

Are you a content master? Do you commit to platforms and build a body of work. I've been learning how to be a slideshare master. I've learned these hard lessons

Where Do customers Come From?

Where do customers come from? Where do views come from?

Six Heartfelt Truths of Social Media

These are 6 hard earned heart felt truth I've learned about Social and Digital Media.

5 Laws of Lurking: Exploring the Implications of 1:9:90 - Power to the passive consumer
  1. #lurkerchat 10am PST Tuesdays The 5 Laws of Lurking 2. #lurkerchat 10am PST Tuesdays Lurkers Self Serve Welcome to the self-service economy! Since people ca...
SCOPE is the new POEM. Making Sense of the Emerging Digital Media Landscape.

3 Shocks 11 Shifts 5 Infograpics 7 Questions POEM = PAID OWNED EARNEd Media SCOPE IS THE NEW POEM Making Sense of EMERGING MEDIA

Infosnackers Guide to the Galaxy: Embracing Short Form, Ephemeral & Realtime Content - LAVACON2014

The Infosnacker's Guide to the Galaxy Embracing Short Form, Ephemeral and Realtime Content Strategies Don't panic and carry a towel. Winners are grabbing your ...

Content Got Needs?

ReThinking Maslow in the Age of Social. Explore the 5 needs of Social Content I feel like I could write an essay on this - even a book. Perhaps I will, but all...

10 Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Lists (Monty Python style)

We often read , create and share list content. My question and the purpose of this deck is to stop and ask the question - Why lists? Lists work for a whole bun...

The A-Z of Local Content. A Toolkit to guide you to create socially compelling local content

A 26 towns + cities showcase ideas you can adapt locally THE A-Z of Local Content Ideas Z slot in the words to match your location & community content needs (A...

How to guide for local content creation. Got a local content ecosystem? Are you thinking supply & demand? .

This is not a content strategy It's a people strategy for content strategy Winning locally online begins from winning people in real life. Content that is coll...

Local Content Toolkit - Part I - Why Local Content Matters

This guide is Part 1 of a three part guide to local content. This deck explains the why - it should give you a unique lens on local. Have you thought about loc...

Mindful Metaphors - Mindful Marketing

Beware metaphors can have your audience place you in the wrong bucket. This deck was made with Haikudeck. I assumed they were a wanna be Slideshare. I'd totall...

Swiss Army Knife of Content Marketing

Swiss Lists istly HiGh UtIlItY CoNtEnT MaRkEtInG

How do you measure content? Algorithms or Feelings

More Feeling, Less Metrics. That's what I concluded when I asked myself "What Does Your Next Content Audit Need?" I've recently audited 130 blogs and 3500 post...

Content Networks: Slides, Video, Audio, Lists, Graphic, Social & Docs

Embeddable Media is an emerging category. Content Networks = Shareable Content