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Updated by Kells McPhillips on Aug 04, 2016
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Dreamers // Doers Best of: Building Your Business

"What fuels you? Do more of that in addition to your job and you may find more energy to thrive in your creative pursuits. Build writing and dancing into your weekly schedule and allow room for spontaneity."

"You cannot change someone - it's like relationship. They have to want it first."

"It's officially the biggest single project we've ever won. And I WORKED for it. It feels amazing."

"Being with what is happening as raw and nasty as it may feel ,and being honest about it, like really honest about it, is how it shifts. Let the people in your life know and you will be amazed at what shifts."

"Work on your story to find an uber-compelling reason why your startup is the startup to end all startups."

"What I really want to do is make a difference."

"Let's focus on making those dreams happen, and doing so visibly so others can be inspired to do more, too. The more we do so - the less quotas will be part of the equation."

"Most often people don't have a clue what REALLY drives them, what it is they really are longing for in their life and workplace. If you get clarity in what they need then you can make their work position align with that. And as an extra bonus the talent will become even better. Sometimes we figure out that the individual really should leave and that is no way to align their purpose with the business - and then it's just to let them go."