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Top 10 Software development Blogs

Most of the Passionate and enthusiasts programmers spend significant amount of time on religiously reading software development blogs. Their choice of blogs vary remarkably according to the level of expertise, niche of interest, sense of humor and more.

Toptal Engineering Blog

It's no surprise that more and more people, from all kinds of backgrounds, are deciding to learn to code. But, each person who tackles the task is soon faced with an unpleasant reality: Learning to program is hard.

Latest Articles - MindStick

** Mindstick Developer Section **is one of the most popular knowledge sharing portal which comprises of vast collection of Articles and blogs by expert programming professionals and software developers. This is an open community empowered by MindStick software. Along with reading programming tutorials, anyone can share their own ideas and thoughts, ask questions here and get connected with numerous industry experts and developers. It also consists sections for Forum discussions, Interview Q&A, Assignments and beginners.

Coding Horror

I've loved many computers in my life, but the HTPC has always had a special place in my heart. It's the only always-on workhorse computer in our house, it is utterly silent, totally reliable, sips power, and it's at the center of our home entertainment, networking, storage, and gaming.

A List Apart

by Ethan Marcotte ยท As we've adopted responsive design-componentizing our interfaces, establishing breakpoints, and thinking content-out instead of canvas-in-we've learned that there's more to it than just changing our techniques. We have to change the way we talk about (and act on) the principles of good responsive design.

Signal v. Noise by Basecamp

It is like a journey which comprises of Basecamp project management software. IT invokes informative experience sharing about team building and all things web. Blogs offers uniquely valuable insight into productivity hacks way to increase business efficiencies.

Stack Overflow Blog - A destination for all things related to development at Stack Overflow

tack Exchange is one of the most popular Q & A web site portal over the internet which have collection of web site on different topics and subjects. Stack Exchange blog features excellent news topics that often involves advances of features.

Martin Fowler

My atom feed (RSS) announces any updates to this site, as well as various news about my activities and other things I think you may be interested in. I also make regular announcements via mytwitter feed, which I copy to my facebook page.

CodeBetter.Com - Stuff you need to Code Better!

The two options we discussed both assume the first factor to be immutable. That means you either clean up after yourself when the test is finished or you wipe out the database and start from scratch with each test. Cleaning up after yourself might be faster but has more moving parts.

Scott Hanselman

I'm using VirtualBox on a Windows 10 machine along with Docker to deploy ASP.NET websites to local Linux Containers. To be clear, this isn't accessing websites with http://localhost, this is accessing locally an VirtualBox virtual network. For example, my local IP and subnet is here, but my VirtualBox is here: Ethernet adapter Ethernet: IPv4 Address.

Scott Berkun

This blog is started and run by Scott berkun. Scott is a frequent and outstanding writer who likes to writes on creativity, leadership, philosophy and public speaking. The post are essential reads for developers who feel like they could prove the way they approach devising solutions to tough problems in their work .