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Top 10 Temples in Bangkok - Must-Visit Shrines in The City

Wat PhoThe fascinating city of Bangkok offers an array of sightseeing attractions for the visitor. Prominent amongst these are a host of interesting temples such as the splendid shrines listed below.


Wat Pho

Known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, this handsome temple is best known for its mammoth Buddha figure which measures no less than 43 m in length. One of the city’s largest and oldest Buddhist shrines, this temple attracts numerous devotees as well as sightseers daily. Wat Pho also contains a host of smaller Buddha images and a number of stupas.


Wat Phra Kaew

Called the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, this renowned place of worship is considered to be the most significant as well as the most frequently visited shrine in Bangkok. Taking pride of place at this popular shrine is the much venerated Emerald Buddha statue. Visitors will also be enthralled by the splendid gallery with its beautiful murals.


Wat Saket

This handsome temple has been constructed on a sizable hill on the older part of the city. Wat Saket is renowned for its splendid gilded stupa that will immediately capture the interest of the sightseer. Visitors will be able to ascend a flight of stairs that leads to the upper terrace and its much venerated stupa.


Wat Arun

Wat Arun is perhaps Bangkok’s most recognized temple, with its splendid towers that make a remarkable sight when seen from afar. Located on the banks of the River Chao Phraya this impressive temple with its distinctive structures is most resplendent when viewed at the time of sunset.


Loha Prasat

This magnificent temple may be identified as the most majestic of all of Bangkok’s temples with its distinctive architectural motifs. This shrine is very important historically, as it inherits a rich cultural legacy. Loha Prasat stands an impressive 36 m in height and features 37 metallic spires, creating an impressive sight that always captivates the visitor.


Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit immediately strikes the eye of the visitor with its grand appearance and golden embellishments. In addition to its remarkable architecture this esteemed shrine features a splendid Buddha statue formed of pure gold. This priceless statue is thought to have been constructed many centuries ago but was revealed accidentally in 1955.


Wat Suthat

This striking place of worship is considered to be one of the city’s most ancient and most outstanding temples. Readily identified by the huge red swing which can be seen at its entranceway, this temple also features a handsome chapel with a distinctive roof. You will also find exquisite teakwood panels and splendid murals at this remarkable temple.


Wat Mahatat

Wat Mahatat is a historically significant temple that dates to the Ayutthaya era. Considered to be a royal shrine of the greatest importance, this temple is often used for ceremonies involving royalty. Within the grounds of the temple you will find a Buddhist educational institute which has become a popular centre for the learning of Vipassana meditation.


Wat Prayoon

A handsome temple that stands on the western banks of the River Chao Phraya, this shrine was constructed during the reign of King Rama III. Its most striking features are its sizable bell-shaped pagoda and a number of spirit houses as well as a pond containing turtles that visitors may feed. As you explore these fascinating temples a fine choice of accommodation would be a Bangkok Asoke hotel like the AVANI Atrium Bangkok. This fine hotel offers attractive and stylish accommodations in a convenient setting.


Wat Benjamabhopit

This impressive shrine is famed for being featured in coins of the denomination of 5 baht. It is referred to as ‘The Marble Temple’ as its exterior walls have been cladded with marble brought over from the nation of Italy. This temple is situated near many palaces and government offices, and is frequently visited by numerous high ranking officials.