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3rd Grade - 2nd 9 Weeks - Science

Edheads - Simple Machines

Simple Machines is a science game for students in grades 2 - 6 to identify simple machines around the house, and simple machines that make up compound machines in the tool shed.

Frog Life Cycle

Frog Life Cycle is a short and simple science lesson for children. Kids will learn about the different stages in the life cycle of a frog, through an animated lesson. The lesson is followed by 3 practice exercises. In the first exercise, kids have to label the diagram of a frog life cycle.

Butterfly Life Cycle - All about butterflies

Butterfly Life Cycle is a simple science lesson for kids. In this, kids will learn about the different stages in the life cycle of a butterfly. The lesson will be followed by 2 exercises through which kids can practice and test their understanding of the butterfly life cycle.

Solids, Liquids & Gases - Science Games & Activities for Kids

Learn about solids, liquids and gases as you experiment with the conditions that change them from one form to another in this fun, interactive science activity. Water is a common example as it exists in all three forms, you've no doubt seen it as ice, liquid water and steam.

Changes In Matter Games - Learn About Changes In Matter Online | Learning Games For Kids

Changes In Matter Games & Videos Pulled from the Changes in Matter module in the Matter unit in Physical Science from, these activities expose K2 students to the concept of physical and chemical changes. Students will learn about chemical changes like, melting, freezing, and burning.

Third Grade Math "

Math Machine is a unique learning module that actually illustrates addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, or place value, by allowing students to randomly select the numbers by spinning wheels. Students love spinning wheels that land on random numbers! In math machine, concepts are shown visually using math manipulatives.

Third Grade Language Arts "

Interactive reading comprehension exercises for third grade learners that mirror those found on standardized tests. Exercises include a short reading passage and five multiple choice questions.