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Updated by Andrew Pereira on Dec 01, 2015
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5 Adventure Sports To Do in Maldives - Top 5 Adventure Sports Activities in Beach Hub Maldives

Revered as one of Asia's top water sports hub Maldives is a dream vacation spot for adrenalin junkies the world over. Here are some of the country's must -try adventure sports activities.



Tipped to be one of the newest additions to the wide variety of adrenalin pumping water sports activities on offer in the Maldives, sea bobbing is often compared to riding a rocket beneath the waves. All one requires to experience the speed defying sea bobbing ride is an adventurous spirit and a 15 minute instructional course that are conducted by tour operators. Reaching jaw-dropping speeds of up to 20km an hour the thrilling ride atop a sea bob is not for the faint of heart. Jet skiers will especially enjoy this activity which allows one to propel across the ocean water on rocket like apparatus.


Water Skiing

As one of the most popular water based activities available in the Maldives it is no surprise that water skiing also ranks among the top adventure sports varieties one can experience in the island collective. Gliding across the water pulled by a motorized boat or yacht water-skiers of varying experience levels can test their skills in the Maldives. Providing idyllic water and wind conditions for engaging in the sport most resort hubs in the country will also offers lessons in the activity as well as water skiing packages for true blue enthusiasts.


Kite Surfing

As a combination of a number of water sports activities kite surfing is another exciting water based recreational option available to tourists vacationing in the Maldives. Propelled along the water by a power kite the sport employs the rules of wave riding in an ingenious way to create a thrilling experience. Experienced kite surfers heading to the Maldives should inquire from the base hotel about kite surfing operators and gear rentals available near the resort while those who wish to learn the basics are also welcome to do so at countless water sports centres scattered across the Maldives.



Ideal for adventure sports fanatics with a love of heights and bird's eye views of paradise parasailing is as close to one can get to flying above the waves on a vacation in the Maldives. Towed by a motorized sea vessel visitors can fly along behind the yacht as the wind fills the parachute like apparatus attached to their person and enjoy breathtaking views while experiencing a flight like no other.


Scuba Diving

Often regarded as one of the most exhilarating and memorable adventure sports activities one can experience in the Maldives diving beneath the country's pristine underwater landscape is a dream come true for diving enthusiasts the world over. Famed for its exquisite coral gardens and colourful marine life heritage the Maldives is a one stop diving hub for the masses. Wreck divers will also be impressed with a plethora of sites on offer and the visibility of Maldivian waters while those who wish to take up the sport of scuba diving can also take lessons or sig up with a diving centre to enjoy mesmerizing trips in submerged landscapes. Visitors based at a Maldives island hotel such as Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, can book a diving tour through the hotel.