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Headline for Precision Metal Components – The Little Things You Rely On
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Precision Metal Components – The Little Things You Rely On


Medical facemasks and dust masks

Medical facemasks and dust masks require a certain shape to fit properly over the mouth and nose. Medical facemask are used to prevent germs from escaping or entering the mouth and nose, whilst a dust mask is designed to prevent the wearer from breathing in dust or other debris. To create a lasting shape, precision pressed metal components can be installed. In order to hold facemasks to the face securely and comfortably, metal pressings can be used to create anti-ripping holes in the fabric to feed elastic through.


Ethernet connector pins

Internet cables require a specific connection to plug into a device such as a computer or tablet, as well as connecting to an internet phone line or modem. Ethernet connector pins are precision pressed metal, allowing for a stable connection.


Battery interconnects for mobile phones

Metal pressings within our smartphones are not a component that we think much about, but without them, we cannot power our phones. Tiny precision metal components make up the battery interconnects that connect the battery to the internal workings of the phone.


Dental floss cutters

In many cases, when you buy a small box or packet of dental floss, it comes with a metal component that is used to cut the floss down to the size that you need it to floss your teeth effectively. Due to such products being manufactured in mass, these cutting components are often pressed by a metal stamp to provide the correct shape for their use.


Network system components

The computer networks that we use on a daily basis at home and work require a considerable number of different pressed metal components in order to connect each element of a network so that it can use electricity and pass on information. Not only are circuit boards within a computer, server or modem precision pressed, but external connectors may also be manufactured from precision metal components.