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Check Out Best Travel Destinations in USA and India


Facts About Washington DC's Cherry Blossom Festival

The Cherry Blossom Festival, an annual calendar event in the US national capital, marks the onset of the lovely Spring season. It is the time when the lovely cherry buds start to bloom into beautiful flowers spreading the joy of life (as these flowers are most often taken as a metaphor for life itself).

Things You Did not Know About Niagara Falls

The spectacular Niagara Falls straddling between the borders of Canada and the USA, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America. The magnificent falls offer a breathtaking site, and in its deep waters has engulfed a treasure of history.

The World's Most Iconic Sandwiches Worth Traveling For

Delicious, sumptuous, delectable, rich and mouthwatering; these sandwiches are all this and more- flavorous, savory, toothsome…wait for it…..Legendary! We are writing for the gluttonous stomachs out there, ready to go distances to be filled with some yummy stuff. There are some iconic sandwiches, which have gained fame all across the globe, and enjoy a high prestige in the culinary world.

Which Airlines Have the Best Wi-Fi? - Flyopedia BLog

You might think otherwise, but in reality, there are very free takers of Wi-Fi services provided in-flight. And probably this is the reason why the number of airlines which provide the facility don’t count too many.

Nonetheless, the craze is slow catching, and given how people are hooked to the internet and how it’s become almost an integral part of one’s existence, airline providers do realize the how Wi-Fi connectivity in long-haul flights will soon become one of the key criteria while preferring one airline over the other.

Tips To Have Stress Free Travel

Haven’t you ever had that thought of packing your bags and leaving behind everything that’s made you feel miserable for long? Isn’t traveling to unknown lands, the best option to break free from the everyday monotonous life which makes you sick.To beat the scare, and have a stress free travel, listed below are a few useful tips.

5 Short Trips from Bangalore You Must Take - Flyopedia BLog

If you happen to be flying to Bangalore anytime in the future, do make it a point to visit more than one of these amazing getaways destinations that are around the city because just a few hours of journey from the main city can take you to some really scenic places.

Misconceptions Foreigners Have About India and Indians

India, the 7th largest, in terms of the geographical area, and second most populous country in the world, holds great fascination in the West. It is amongst the most popular orient nations, that has emerged as a promising economy and can be looked upon as a potential world leader.
Despite, India's strong political influence, common knowledge about India among foreigners is delusory. They’ve long believed the following to be true about the place.

How to Save for Your Dream Vacation in 2016

If the only thing that’s coming between you and your dream vacation is money (read as ‘lack of money’), then take a resolution to battle it out towards the end of the year. Save and have enough in your kitty to sponsor your dream vacation. We will help you out by providing practical money saving tips.

What to Do If Bad Weather Screws Up Your Flight

Bad weather screws ups can turn your world up side down, if you had never considered such a possibility. Delayed flights or even cancellations, happen all the time because of bad whether conditions. It can happen to you too and there’s not much you can do about it; except for handling the situation without any panic.

San Francisco To India: What To Pack for the Trip?

If you are one among those living in San Francisco, who have never been to but are planning a tour to India anytime soon, you can find great deals providing cheap flights from San Francisco to India at various online travel portals.

8 Souvenirs From India You Must Take Back

For family and friends; you got to take back some choicest souvenirs from your trip to India. And then, obviously, some souvenirs to keep for self too. When it comes to shopping and buying gifts, India is a shoppers delight. One can find myriad range of sweet little items to grab, at very reasonable prices in Indian markets across all cities.

10 Surreal Places That Make India The Most Beautiful Country In The World

Here’s a list of 10 such surreal (that’s the only word that comes any close to the real experience) places in India, which make the country one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Best Road Trips to Take in USA

Nowhere are road trips as popular as in the USA. An excursion on the highway or hitting the road to explore the country is the classic American idea of a weekend getaway. The experience is however heightened if you choose the correct routes, for the wonders of nature may not be at every turn.

5 of the Most Popular Museums of the World

The repository of history and civilizations, legacy of kings and monarchs, display of unique art and artifacts- museums are intriguing and truly captivating if you have a thirst gulp in new and inspiring information as well as like appreciating art. Museums are always up in the itinerary of every traveler no matter which part of the world they are heading to.

Easy Tip on How to Get Cheap Flight Tickets

Every parent will find themselves throwing birthday parties for their kids till they hit their teens. A birthday party needs lots of planning and preparation, and if you are first time parents, that becomes even more difficult to plan a perfect kid’s party.

Top 7 Lesser-Known Hangouts In Chennai

The city of Chennai has always blessed people whenever they had the privilege to visit this city for any excuse or reason. Chennai is the melting pot of distinctive cultures and people which make it one of the most assorted cities in India. It is most frequented by the travelers because of its cultural and architectural brilliance in itself. Chennai is characterized as an acclaimed tourist destination.We have compiled 7 of our favorite hangouts in the city that not everyone is aware of!

6 Great Places To Celebrate Diwali In India

The festival of Diwali, popular as the 'fiesta of lights' is celebrated with much enthusiasm all across the nation! It is that time of the entire year when people from every religious beliefs, community or caste place together! It is a symbol of positive energy and hope and indicates victory of great over bad!

9 Hidden Gardens In Los Angeles Not To Be Missed

LA, the place where sun strolls over the perfect beaches! The city of LA is a complete myth. It runs much deeper than rolling hills, gothic beaches and bumper to bumper traffic! With the myriad of activities to do in the 'City of Angels' there is certainly one such secret which will surely tempt you to grab cheap flights from India to Los Angeles. Here is the set of 9 such hidden gardens, some not so concealed, to help you get relaxed and let go of the responsibilities.

Mouth Watering Delicacies To Enjoy In Louisiana

Louisiana, the place best known for its food culture is among the top travel destinations of USA! After all vacationing has a major portion as food! Don’t we say- Taste your way around the world? You learn a new culture through their food so it becomes a necessity to try varied foods while you are on the go!

Top 7 Places In Asia For Avid Travelers

Coming from remote islands to the mega-metropolises, this most significant place on earth, ASIA provides top travel spots which give you a healthy dose of ancient history, culture, and adventure! It is the continent which has in the showcase something for everyone. Here we have penned down 7 traditional destinations which are guaranteed to give you a fresh twist.

Welcome Monsoons With These 6 Best Places To Visit In August In India

The month of August, not only brings the shower of relief in India but also brings plethora of benefits to the travelers who seek an escape from the humdrum of the life. Who doesn’t want to let go of all the worries and just live the life of a vagabond? Well, easier said than done! You can certainly plan a trip to India in the month of August and be a part of the nature’s shower.Also, if you are waiting for the rain to be at it’s prime, it’s time to get last minute flights to India and plan your next memorable trip here.

5 Lost Monuments Of Delhi Forgotten Amidst The Buzz Of City Life

Capital of India, New Delhi has been the hub of the political powers since many generations. It has witnessed the rise and fall of of many rulers and kingdoms hence making it’s history diverse.Being one of the most developed cities of the country. But with the span of development, the city has even witnessed the loss of many sights of historical significance. Book your cheap flights from New Jersey to Delhi and traverse with us few of the lost monuments of this city.

5 Most Beautiful Drives In The United States

Hopping into the car, fueling up the tank, cranking some tunes and hitting down the road is how Americans rejuvenate! Our world is suffused with plenty of places to travel and so is United States of America. It has miles of beautiful roads which make for an amazing drive. Maybe you are ready for a nice drive down the road, but are confused or don’t know where to go! Grab your cheap flight deals to USA from India and we’ll give you list of roads, which proudly make for the best and amazing roads in USA! We bet these roads will provide great inspiration for people planning their upcoming trip.

10 Unexplored Places In India

Who doesn’t love traveling? Traveling is fun, it rejuvenates you, it gives you stories to tell, memories to cherish upon and Photographs to share.Well, you can obviously pack your bags and book a ticket for any of the above. But won’t you like to wait and get to know about some unexplored places in India where you can head to. Here we are with some hidden gems you can book your cheap flights to India from USA. Because off beat path is where you should be, after all on the road less taken is where a true traveller embarks on memorable journeys.

Every Friend Is Busy In Their Cubicles? Pack Your Bag To Go Solo

Solo trips are fun. Haven’t tried? Do it now. We know it sounds a little vague but trust us solo trips are much more fun when compared to the couple or group ones. Solo trips gives you all the freedom to do what you want to do. You will not have to care or think about someone’s likes or dislikes.we won’t be there to accompany you in the trip but we are always there to help to plan one. What about traveling to USA? A great idea huh? No no don’t rush, you always easily get last minute deals to USA, so plan it all smoothly.