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Polycarbonate Panels

Get a huge range of modular polycarbonate panel from in several designs, prints and patterns too. These are used to improve daylighting in halls.

Multicell Polycarbonate Panels Manufacturers

Multicell polycarbonate panels is the best option to keep away from the direct sunlight. These are widely manufactured by in Europe.

Multiple Uses and Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets

Multiple Uses and Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets Today, polycarbonate sheets are very commonly used in making various kinds of industrial products. Polycarbonate sheets are preferred for its robust, tough and transparent properties. They are also easy to mould to any shape and are scratch resistant.

Gallina India: The Benefits of Polycarbonate Panels

Are you looking for building a greenhouse? Do you need a roof or wall that not only enhances the look of your residence but also enlightens your interior?

Make your Industry and Home Safe

To make your place charge with sunlight get PVC sheet or panel at your place. Today the time is changing quite frequently in all industries. With the...

Manufacturing Designing Sheets for Natural Lights

There are lots of industries who manufacture many kinds of things which people use for designing purpose and are used in both the commercial areas and residential areas. These companies specially deal with the designers and architects and the wholesalers for their sale and getting more and more orders from the people. Some of the…

Polycarbonate Sheets Manufacturers in India

Avail the best outcome from all sorts of polycarbonate sheet from This online store offers a wide assortment of plastic sheets.

A Wide Use of Anti-Glare Sheet

With the use of natural resources more and more these days, people are going to transferal their uses in many other purp... - by Gallina India

A Wide Use of Anti-Glare Sheet

With the use of natural resources more and more these days, people are going to transferral their uses in many other purposes to make themselves feel comfortable and calm. By the time going on and on, anti-glare polycarbonate sheets are one of the best resources to protect yourself from direct UV and Ultra rays.

Lightweight and Transparent Material Mainly Used for Dayligh

Mostly people love to enjoy the pace of the nature by sitting inside their place only and this is possible because of polycarbonate sheets that are manufactured by the industries on high level, this material is made up of plastic glazing material and is of light weight.

Skylights For Residential And Commercial Daylighting

Windows, doors and roofs are integral part of our homes and very important in deciding how energy efficient our homes are.

7 Advantages That Only Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Can Offer

Polycarbonate is far better at withstanding physical impact compared to glass, it is also way cheaper than other alternatives.With a whooping experience of 50 years, Gallina offers the finest multicell polycarbonate panels in the market. Fabricated to perfection, they are sure to match all expectations.

What Makes Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Revolutionary in Entire Glazing Plastic Product Arena?

Needless is to talk about the growing demands of plastic glazing products. These products are preferred the most due to its comparatively cost-effective, enduring and featherweight characteristic. Again, these are incredible in terms of coping up well with creative design ideas of different functionality.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Installation

The multiwall polycarbonate sheets provide top notch utility to the use they are put to. These are environmental friendly and the best choice one can make.

Polycarbonate Panels Vs Glass Panels Because It's All About Choosing The Right One

Imagine this ! You have a beautiful home with glass windows , it's evening and time for children to play. And what do the most children love to play ? Its cricket. Now you can't pull your mind together because of the glass windows , the windows , you love the most in your house. With every shot, children shout and you run to your windows to check if your windows are safe. So badly you want them to stop play.

Skylights To Enjoy Nature, Sun, Moon And Every Weather

Buddha once said that “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” I don't see it . I mean he is right but from my experience I have realized that all the three things are hard to find, and trust me you don't enjoy the truth much so it is best to stay the hidden but sun and moon ! We enjoy them.

Polycarbonate Panels For easy installation in less money

Installation of polycarbonate boards on the rooftop is exceptionally moderate. In spots where the rooftop should be completely or semi-straightforward and permit sun's HEAT to stream through the top inside then polycarbonate sheets are as well as can be expected purchase and utilize. Nurseries, sun rooftops, sky facing windows and a few engineering structures as of now utilize multicell polycarbonate boards for the particular focal points they offer. Is polycarbonate boards appropriate for your application? Perused to discover more.