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Headline for The Black Juice Presents: The HOT 16
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The Black Juice Presents: The HOT 16

HIP HOP is having a hell of a year, but just in case the music is starting to run together, the BLACK JUICE is here to get you straight. Here is a list of the DOPEST, rhyme spitta's on the mic. This list will reveal who's the best upcoming emcee's in HIP HOP currently. These artist are either on the rise or terribly overlooked. Everyone on this list has one thing in common.... They all got LYRICS. The Black Juice will count down the HOT 16, first 16-12.


#16 Action Bronson


MC: Action Bronson

Roots: Queens, NY

Twitter: @ActionBronson

BLACK JUICE REMARKS: Listening to Action Bronson is like taking a ride through ol' skool, NY Hip Hop. Straight bars. Bronson is no slouch on the mic, but many may find him more into culinary arts than actually rapping. His album, Mr. Wonderful was released in March of this year. His efforts seemed incomplete but the former chef, did manage to cook up some healthy bars, here and there.

Notable Bars:

I'm not exactly flawless, but I'm gorgeous/just like a horse is/ I know the thought of me succeeding makes a lot of people nauseous/ Still I'm on the back of the boat taking pictures with the swordfish


#15 Bishop Nehru


MC: Bishop Nehru

Roots: NY, NY

Twitter: @BishopNehru

BLACK JUICE REMARKS: At age 19, his bars are superior to many old heads in the game. He made the most out of an ODD Future association and now he's affiliated with MF Doom. The kid is DOPE on the mic and reportedly working on new music with the God Emcee, Nas. We are rooting for Nehru to BLOW!

Notable Bars:

I used to curcuit cities till I found the best buy/ lotta staples in back, people weren’t friends of mine/ I was up late wiping tears from eyes, hoping that the next night I wouldn’t have tears to cry


#14 Vince Staples


MC: Vince Staples

Roots: Long Beach, CA

Twitter: @vincestaples

BLACK JUICE REMARKS: Vince Staples is pretty talented, for a kid that never wanted to rap. When he was a teen, looking to leave the streets he no real plan in mind but just so happened to be slick with the pen. After befriending Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future, Staples began rapping with the crew and released a few mixtapes that were received well by fans. After chilling at Mac Miller's house he was urged to take music more seriously and Mac promised to deliver him beats. Staples was signed to Def Jam, shortly after releasing more music. His debut album, Summertime 06 was released this past spring. Though he only moved 13k units his first week, Staples first cd left many wanting more. His lyrics are direct and realistic but also clever and smooth.

Notable Bars:

My teachers told me we was slaves/ My mama told me we was kings/ I don't know who to listen to/ I guess we somewhere in between/ My feelings told me love is real/ But feelings known to get you killed/ My feelings if/ I miss it's true/ I spend my moments missin' you/ I'm searchin' for atonement, do I blame my darker tone?/I know somethings are better left unsaid and people left alone


#13 Hopsin


MC: Hopsin

Roots: Los Angeles

Twitter: @hopsin

BLACK JUICE REMARKS: Hopsin, though mad weird is even more sick on the beat. His style may be a bit extra for some, as he often rocks colored contact lenses and has also crossed dressed as a white woman in music videos. He's been known for his disses toward Tyler The Creator, Odd Future and Souljah Boy from a few years back. Hopsin was formerly targeted to serve as the comeback vehicle for the late Eazy's Ruthless records but after leaving the label , he stayed independent for a few years. The West Coast lyricist signed a deal with Warner Bros, and released his album, Pound Syndrome in July of 2015. Hopsin is lyrically gifted in delivering consecutive bars in his rhymes, in a manner that is controversial but thought provoking. He is not one to shy away from conflict, beef, religion, politics and giving out criticism. His lyrics are special because they are brutally honest and revealing. He literally takes listeners into the complex and interesting mind of Hopsin. If you won't be too creeped out by his peculiar persona then you should definitely be blown away by his positivity and critical thinking. Hopsin is no newbie but we are hoping that the guy finally BLOWS, the way his talent warrants.

Notable Bars:

And I’ve been told that my sinful life is an addiction/ But I can’t buy it, it’s just too hard to stand beside it/I need an answer and humans can’t provide it/I look at the Earth and Sun and I can tell a genius man designed it/ it’s truly mind blowing, I can’t deny it/ Is heaven real? Is it fake? Is it really how I fantasize it?/ Where’s the Holy Ghost at/ How long it take Man to find it?/ My mind’s a nonstop tape playing and I can’t rewind it/ You gave me a Bible and expect me not to analyze it?


#12 Mick Jenkins

MC: Mick Jenkins

Roots: Chicago, IL

Twitter: @mickjenkins

BLACK JUICE REMARKS: You probably will mistake this rhyme spitta for fellow Chicagoan, Iman Shumpert. No disrespect to Shump's lyrics, but the only thing similar to the two are their looks. Mick is a poet in the truest sense. He credits, Prince and Sade as influences so that should tell you what type of sound he delivers. He is the definition of a real Street Reporter. Mick often paints pictures that illustrate the harsh realities of the black man's plight in modern day Chicago. His lyrics are superior but his content and delivery lacks versatility, which could become mundane to listeners. However he shows his brilliance through his duality. He's definitely a thinker and his intellect has potential to uplift the consciousness of those in the streets. Mick is different, so we definitely rooting for the kid to BLOW. His EP, Wave[s] is out now.

Notable Bars:

A people stuck in they ways, no it's not just a phase/They see a future in tomorrow, they are stuck in a daze/And I am f****** amazed/At how these wack n***** spit the way they Dunkin is glazed/See that's sweet n*/But I got it hot and ready for the street n/Your soul starving, so I prepared you a feast n/So get them headphones to your ears, and eat n/I'm vegetarian, but it is full of meat n/I'm trying to take it cross country, track meet n*/Then hit the mall like I'm hitting athlete figures/I actually figured, that I'd be harder than this/I'm just warming up, but they say that I'm sautering this/I think I'm fathering this, my seed come through the pen