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Updated by doug on Feb 29, 2016
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5 Gift Ideas for Guys Who Like Cars

Men who love cars can present a challenge to shop for, as their tastes can be expensive and varied. We hope this list will help you find the right gift for the car lover in your life without breaking the bank.

Top Gear: The Cool 500: The Coolest Cars Ever Made

Ever since Karl Benz first powered up his Patent-Motorwagen in 1885, man has salivated and swooned over automobiles; and none more so than the motoring fanatics at Top Gear Magazine, who have test-driven, critiqued, and worshipped some of the finest cars in motoring history. While many have fallen short of Top Gear's exacting standards, others have triumphed, proving so damn cool they're termed "SubZero." This unique bible of motoring coolness recounts the stories behind history's greatest cars, from prewar vintage motors to the supercars of the future, pairing stunning Top Gear photography and rarely seen archive photographs with expert commentary. It breaks down the technology behind these incredible machines and places each car in the context of its time, with anecdotes and analysis that explain just what's so cool about each one. From the quintessential British luxury of the Bentley Brooklands to the Italian sex appeal of the Bizzarini Strada, the old Hollywood glamour of the Chrysler Airflow to the futuristic lines of the Aston Martin Bulldog via Steve McQueen's Ford Mustang and James Dean's doomed Porsche Spyder, this is social history as much as car worship. This is the evolution of cool, Top Gear-style; the definitive guide to the undisputed coolest cars on the planet.

Meguiar's G55032 Complete Car Care Kit

It's incredible what a few hours of polishing will do to restore shine and protect aging car paint. Solutions like this are used by the professional detail shops to help condition and revitalize your car's exterior. I used this solution on an old 1984 BMW that I was convinced needed a new paint job. But after applying this product carefully, step-by-step, I am now able to enjoy the car as-is: the results were remarkable!

Weathertech 446071-445422 DigitalFit Floorliner Set

The Weathertech floor liner solutions are simply the absolute best vehicle floor protection solution on the market today. While they are not cheap, they are a perfect fit for your vehicle and the raised lip helps ensure that liquid spills are contained and do no spread to unprotected carpet areas. I put these in every car I own.

Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor

There's nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery or low tire pressure, and having to wait for help to jump your car or search for a gas station to refill your tires. This device solves both problems while taking up only slightly more room than a set of standard jumper cables. This has saved me on numerous occasions and was worth every penny.

Autel MaxiScan MS310 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader

Ever wondered what exactly was causing your check engine light to come on? Since 1996, all vehicles in the US are required to use the standard OBC port interface for reporting troubleshooting and diagnostic codes to repair technicians. Use the same tools owned by mechanics to determine the severity and importance of the root cause behind your check engine light and keep mechanics honest when seeking repairs.