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Aztec Religious Traditions that are Practiced Today.

Here are links that will give you a wide range of visual information to review and consider.

Colonial and Aztec Codices

This is a primary source. Mendoza |Matrícula de Tributos |Borbonicus |Azcatitlan |Vaticanus A |Xicotepec Aztec codices were less pictorially complex than Mixtec manuscripts, even though the Aztecs had learned bookmaking from the Mixtecs. No original Aztec manuscript has survived that does not show European influence.


This is a primary source that gives you the idea of how their beliefs played a huge role in the Conquest and their point of view of it.

Internet History Sourcebooks

Here's a primary source of Cortez's account of what he saw when he encountered the Aztec Indians and his response to seeing their religious practices.

What happened to the Aztec gods after the Conquest? (1)

This website is a secondary source full in information about Aztec culture. This is a wonderful question that is not easy to answer briefly. Most people think of the Aztecs as the people who created the magnificent civilization in Mexico that was brought down by the Spaniards and their Native American allies in the early 1500s.

Nahua Traditions

Secondary source of Nahua traditions. Nahua people are the children of the Aztec Indians. The Nahuas The central highlands of Mexico are the original homelands of the Nahuas, Mexico's largest indigenous group. Even today, the Nahuas are most densely settled in the states of Mexico, Morelos, Puebla, Veracruz, Hidalgo and Guerrero.

"Aztec Religion and Nature" (Precolumbian!)

Secondary source explaining Aztec religion. Andreas Grünschloß -- Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature - 2002. Aztec Religion and Nature (Precolumbian) Sacred topography: from mythic origins to a new Center of the World Cosmology, divination, and calendar A pantheon of life-sustaining forces and divine beings The preservation of nature through ritual and sacrifice Earth's vegetation, plants and

Aztec Civilization - New World Encyclopedia

Secondary source of the history of the Aztecs. Aztec civilization sustained millions of people and developed from a history of thousands of years in complete isolation from European and Asian cultures. Aztec agriculture, transportation, economy, architecture, arts, and political institutions bear extraordinary witness to the creative and collaborative capability of humankind, and of the universal inclination to find transcendent meaning to human life.

Aztec Ceremonies and Sacrifices

Here's a funny modern take on sacrifices. Feature photo by yarhargoat Before you take another bite of your beef-filled taco, let's step into the Aztec world of ceremonies and sacrifices.

Aztec Calendar: Today in the Aztec and Maya Calendar

An interesting site of the Aztec and Mayan Calendar. Find a date in the tonalpohualli, the sacred calendar of the Mexica, the Aztecs of Mexico. A reading of the significance of a day and the relevant gods or protectors.