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Headline for Digital Storytelling-Indigenous Women and their Place
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Digital Storytelling-Indigenous Women and their Place

My Digital story will discuss the female place in patriarchal hierarchy and how Latin american females adapted to Spanish Colonialism compared to American Indian women and their place in Euroamercan society.

La Malinche - Translator And Companion To Hernan Cortes - History, Mexico

La Malinche - caught between two worlds In the 16th century, one woman forever changed the course of Mexico's history. She served Hernan Cortes as his translator and mistress and without her assistance, the Spanish conquistador would likely have been defeated..

This website will give a brief description of Malinche before and after she met cortes.
This will show her willingness to accept the Euroamerican culture, and the Indigenous culture of the "New Land"
This also speaks of how she is now perceived in the present time.


"The Sacred Hoop", by Paula Gunn Allen

"The Sacred Hoop", by Paula Gunn Allen

"Life is a circle, and everything has its place in it," (Page 1) This was the belief of the American Indian people. "Traditional tribal life styles are more often gynocratic then not, and are never patriarchal" (page 2)
"At the center of all is WOman, and no thing is sacred'cooked, ripe, as the Kerns Indians of Laguna Pueblo say it" without her blessing, her thinking" (page 13.)

This text explains how the Native American culture was very different from Latin Indigenous Culture with a patriarchal ways.

Why Did The Native American People Convert To A Foreign Religion?

It is written (Niehardt -- Black Elk Speaks -- 1932) that in the end, Black Elk converted to Catholicism and it is also well-known that Lakota Chief Red Cloud also converted to Catholicism and this brings us to ask: Why?

Here we will see the opinion of Tim Giago, founder of the Native American Journalist Association.
This article will read that their are many reservations that still believe in the traditional beliefs of the indigenous. How the US Indigenous still have many tribes that still practice this ancient belief system. Whereas in in Mexico the Spaniards manners of influence was a "convert or die" method.


Colonial Habits, by Kathryn Burns

Colonial Habits, by Kathryn Burns

Colonial Habits explain where female stood in the 1673 -1872 society of Colonial New Spain. How females only possibility to have order and power was by and through the Catholic church. How the indigenous people of Latin American were susceptible to European belief. How female were kept in the hands of the nuns in order remain virgins and ultimately being promised to Elite men for political and social gain.


"Make a Beautiful Way" by Mann, McGowan, Maracle, and Allen

"Make a Beautiful Way" by Mann, McGowan, Maracle, and Allen

In this text Paula Gunn Allen writes about how Euroamerican belief is impose and accepted.
Lee Marade tells us about the Decolonizing of Native Women.
Kay Givens McGown speaks about the lost Matriarchy of US Indigenous
Barbara Alice Mann tells us about genocide and the sterilization of the tribal people.

The Struggle for Women's Equality in Latin America

A political transformation is taking place in Latin America that is improving the status of women throughout the region. More than half the 20 or so republics in the Western Hemisphere where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken have moved toward the political left within the last decade.

This article speaks of Gender Justice and were Latin American women stand in present time.

The Pocahontas Perplex: The Image of Indian Women in American Culture

This article tells us how Euroamerican had to identify the Indigenous of the early US as Squaw Drudge and published picture of the beloved Pocahontas in Elizabethan fashion. Making her more european and less savage.