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The Roles of Colonial Latin American Women

**Primary Sources:
A court case that protests the marriage of a man's daughter to a man of lower esteem.
The role of women in regards to family honor.
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz poem about how men mistreat women.

**Secondary Sources:

Website that illustrates the position and prestige that indigenous Inca women held in pre-conquest Latin America.
Website about Nahua Women and the Spanish Conquest
Website with an abundance of links to material related to Latin America including before and after the Conquest

PDF about the role of honor in Colonial Spanish society, and the importance of women to that honor.

PDF about Colonial Spanish Women's importance to maintaining family honor.

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Women in World History: PRIMARY SOURCES

Don Manuel Valdivieso y Carrión Protests the Marriage of His Daughter to Don Teodoro Jaramillo, a Person of Lower Social Standing (Quito, 1784-85) Christian Büschges INTRODUCTION Until the mid-eighteenth century, the church regulated the institution of marriage in Spanish America, emphasizing the freedom of individuals to marry according to their will and, if necessary, independently of their parents' consent.

Women in World History: PRIMARY SOURCES

Systems of honor in colonial Mexico meant that insults were more than just Swords. Utterances that defamed men and women of good reputation had to be answered or the slight to their personal status within the community would be permanent. Gossip underscored these taints, and although usually not as open, it could serve the same purpose as insults.

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Inca and Spanish Women Finding information about Incan women before and during the conquest of the Andes isn't very easy! However we have put together some information on this subject that is very reliable. We have also researched how the role of indigenous women changed after the Spanish conquest.


Accounts of the conquest of Mexico have been based mainly upon the movements and actions of the Spanish and indigenous armies that fought each other from 1519 to 1521. From these narratives have sprouted testimonies of Spanish negotiations with tribal lords, battles, the securing of food and water, descriptions of Aztec towns and villages, sacrifice, and the treasure gained through either plundering or diplomacy.