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Get latest British news and updates regarding kids, life, fashion, furniture, home, health, beauty, legal and for many other current affairs.

Bunk Beds - Kids Beds - Kids Funtime Beds

Excellent service from start to finish, the bed is very sturdy and the delivery men were polite and had the bed up in about 40 minutes, would recommend this company to anyone and our boys absolutely love it. VERY happy

Blog - Kids Funtime Beds

Everyone needs a good night's sleep at the end of a tiring day, and a comfortable, supportive bed is an absolute necessity for adults and children alike. This is why choosing the right mattress is very important when purchasing a bed, and here at Kids Funtime Beds we offer only the highest quality mattresses.

Employee Handbook

Updated as of April 2015 to include all policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the new Family Friendly Employment Legislation. It is a legal requirement to follow statutory policies across your business and the easiest way of doing this is to ensure that you have HR Heroes' Employee Handbook to cover all your legal obligations and more!

Mother of the Bride Dresses

APPOINTMENTS NOT NECESSARY Our beautiful Mother of the Bride Dresses are available in flattering styles to suit any shape. All of our garments can be purchased off-the-peg in store in the UK, or alternatively, we offer a mail order service. If you need any help or guidance, don't hesitate to call us on 0161-487-1679.

Tips To Choose a Comfortable Sofa

The choice of cubicles is depended in the need on most occasions. But the number of members and the activities circling the cubicle is important as well. The affordability is also a prime factor that works behind the choice of an individual.

What can be More Elegant than Maxi for Mother Bride??

Maxi dress is a long dress that differs in styles and lengths and is worn by women of all the ages, religions, cultures and tribes. This dress got popularity due to its elegance and comfort. It looks wonderful on the women of every size and shape and proves to be a universal best dress that is a perfect blend of elegance, style, comfort and attraction.

Do You have Obligations as Employer-Get Staff Handbook

As an employer you have various obligations that you have to meet when it comes to your staff, and one of those is to ensure that you adhere to employment law legislation. Where is it that you should detail not only the employment legislation that you must adhere too but also your own company guidelines.

Change in Policies with Your Staff Handbook

When required, can an Employer change the policies within your staff handbook ? The answer to this is yes. However there is a process that you need to follow to be able to do this in a fair and equitable manner.

Lear Why a Staff Handbook is Necessary for Your Workers

The staff handbook is an ongoing document that will change as time goes by in order to reflect the requirements and needs of the business. It should always be available to staff so that they can refer to it whenever they choose.

Employment Legislation and Statutory Law

Employment Legislation covers many topics, such as: Leave and pay in relation to pregnant staff and employees who are on maternity leave Leave and pay in regard to when a staff member's partner has a baby What an employee is entitled to when they are absent from work because of

Employee Handbook-Lessons to Learn from Successful Start Ups

On average, 80% of start up businesses fail within their first 12 months. That's a lot! That means only 20 out of every 100 start-up businesses make it through their first year with a further 90 of those that last past 1 year, failing before the end of their second year.

How to Manage Cash and Sales When You are a Fresh Employer

You've heard the saying, "Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash is King" well it couldn't be more true for a small business. Profit and turnover are secondary as if you haven't got the cash available to pay your suppliers then you're going out of business.

Why An Employee Handbook is Essential for Your Staff

Home › Law › Why An Employee Handbook is Essential for Your Staff In any small business, having the buy-in and commitment for your staff is essential. All employees should be provided with an Employee Handbook (or access to one) on the first day with your business and must understand exactly what the business expects from them.

HR and Employment Lessons for Small Businesses

When starting out in a small business there is an endless list of 'to-do's. However, as any small business owner will have found out, you still only have 24 hours in the day to get stuff done and you have more things to do than you think.

Employee Rights-TO DO List for Your Small Business

Home › Law › Employee Rights-TO DO List for Your Small Business How do you prioritise your 'to-do' list in your small business and make sure you are spending your time in the right areas?

Make Sure You are Aware of Your Employment Obligations

If you are in the lucky position to be able to hire staff, then you must understand the obligations that an employer has. Even if you have 1 employee, you still have to follow the same employment legislation as if you were a Barclays Bank or an IBM.

Maxi Outfits for Plus Size Mother Brides at an AGE!

Many women can get body DE shaped when they get older. This is the age factor and one can do nothing about it especially when your health stops supporting you physically. This does not mean that they have no right to look beautiful on the day as big as their lovely daughter's wedding.

Shabby Chic

Fashion and style are one of the most liked areas of preference. People prefer selecting the elements of beautification that have the real tendency and absolute power to increase the actual grace possessed by them. They need to have the fashion implementations that are capable and reliable enough to develop the true mesmerize within the personalities of the fashion loving people.

Employment Law - Employee and Staff Handbook - Home

It can likewise give helpful wellspring of data to new staff as a major aspect of the incitement process. A composed representative handbook gives clear guidance to workers and makes a society where issues are managed reasonably and reliably.

Kids Bunk Beds UK

Find stylish and cool Kids Bunk Beds UK with kids funtime beds

Employee and Staff Handbook - Employment Law - Meanings of Carrying an Employee Handbook in Business

The employee handbook helps an employee in many ways. The instructions and procedures mentioned in the handbook is meant for the employee and the company gives him/her the authorities to use the rights mentioned in it.

Ex Chelsea Doctor to Sue Club for Constructive Dismissal

it would be interesting to see what their Employee Handbook describes says about public criticism, public grievance and demotion

Can you make changes to the Staff Handbook - HR Heroes

As an employer you have various obligations that you have to meet when it comes to your staff, and one of those is to ensure that you adhere to employment law legislation.

Black Friday and your staff - HR Heroes

Black Friday is upon us - the time of year where all sorts of products are offered at massively reduced prices and just in time for Christmas. We all saw the TV footage last year of the deluge of customers queuing well ahead of opening time, hoping desperately to pick up a bargain.

Dealing with Absence in the Workplace

More and more businesses are wasting money every year due to unexpected absences in the workplace. Last year as many as 960,000 employees were on sick leave, and this costs the UK economy more than £100 billion a year. Your business is losing money due to such absences.