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Updated by Judy Thompson on Nov 25, 2015
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6 Tools to Simplify Business Writing For Young Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, your focus is probably on a dozen things at any one moment. You writing skills are probably not one of those things. After all, you have product development, sales and marketing, financial and accounting concerns, and human resource issues to deal with at any given time (among others!). Fortunately, there are tools that can simplify the business writing process and help you ensure that the writing you produce is high quality.


Almost every type of writing can be improved with brevity. In business writing, this is doubly true. Have you ever tried to read a rambling email? Have you spent an hour trying to understand an overly complex, and long winded memo, only to realize that the author could have made their point in one or two paragraphs? Don't be that guy. Use Hemingway to learn when you use overly complex words, long sentences, and otherwise weak prose.

Dragon Dictation

Many young entrepreneurs are dynamic speakers, but lack the patience to sit down and write an important business document. This makes Dragon Dictation an excellent business writing resource. Simply dictate what you want to write into the software and let it create your document for you. As the utility becomes more accustomed to your voice and speech patterns, the documents will be more and more accurate. However, even directly out of the box, the app captures speech quite impressively.


Nobody should every submit an important business paper to a customer, prospect, or other VIP without thoroughly checking it for grammatical errors. The best tool available for this job is Grammarly. The functionality of this tool far exceeds whatever came with your desktop word processor. In addition to this, Grammarly is flexible giving users the option to use the online version, the plug in, or to install it as a MS Word add on.

As an entrepreneur, you know that you have to delegate tasks to talented people you can trust. If you need business content written, is that trusted resource. You can rely on the writers at this website for web content, blogs, articles, press releases, and other business documents. If you are looking for information on writing and inbound marketing, you can find blog posts that pertain to business writing that are both timely and informative.


You aren't in school anymore. Sometimes when you develop a business document, it doesn't come together in linear order. Depending on project deadlines and the flow of information, it is not unusual for various sections of a document to be completed before others. With Scrivener, you can create your document in any order you wish, and then resequence things as needed. This app also works very well when multiple users are are working on the same document.

Small Business Administration – Business Plan Creation Tool

If you are trying to launch or expand a business, writing a great business plan is key. This is the document that potential business partners, investors, and lenders want to review before they decide that they believe in your vision and want to work with you. The Small Business Administration's business plan tool walks you through every step of entering all of the information required in a standard business plan.

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