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Updated by Empower Energy on Nov 24, 2015
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How Can LED Lighting Save You Money?

Unlike traditional halogen bulbs which convert only around 10% of energy into light, LED lighting is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution affording great savings on energy bills. LED lighting takes advantage of newer available technologies and is suitable for a range of residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider switching to LED lighting:


Long lasting

Long lasting

LED lights are extremely durable and have a life span of around twelve years without having to be replaced. With this solution you’ll be able to save both time and the costs spent on maintenance.


Reduced carbon emissions

LED lights work more effectively as they run electricity between two electrodes, rather than wasting energy heating up separate filaments, as seen with traditional lights. This makes the light generated stronger and more focused, meaning that you’ll need fewer lights. Using LED lighting will therefore reduce the amount of electricity consumed and help to lower carbon emissions to the benefit of the environment.


Cutting costs

Cutting costs

Because the production of light from LEDs is much more efficient, you could save up to 80% on electricity bills. LED lighting can also be set with features such as ‘Smart Timed’, so that you can control when your lighting is used for increased savings and efficiency.


High quality

LED lighting provides a concentrated and more consistent light distribution than traditional alternatives. Additionally, they provide virtually instant and clear light, as they can reach 100% lighting capability in only a tenth of a second.


A safer solution

A safer solution

LED lighting is an ideal and safer option for businesses, as they contain no toxic elements, such as mercury which is commonly used in fluorescent lights found in offices. When end of life, LED lights can be safely and simply disposed in landfill, as there isn’t an issue with following regulations as with other types of lighting.



You can opt for clear daylight or tinted colour versions, and there are also many programmable control and dimmable options which enable more flexibility and control depending on your requirements.