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Updated by AB Pipelines on Nov 24, 2015
Headline for The Benefits of High Pressure Water Jetting for Blocked Drains
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The Benefits of High Pressure Water Jetting for Blocked Drains

High pressure water jetting is useful for an array of cleaning and cutting purposes, and has been used as a solution to unblock drains for a number of years. Because of the extremely high levels of pressure water jetting can obtain, it can provide a clean cut through a variety of materials – even concrete or steel - and can clean away substances from drains which are difficult to remove by other methods. Here are the main benefits of using water jetting to unblock pipelines and drains:


Extreme power

Extreme power

Substances such as hair, grease or dirt are easily washed down a sink or toilet and can lead to a significant build-up along drainpipes. At AB pipelines, our jetting units provide water pressures of between 2,000psi to 10,000psi at various water volumes. These high pressures make for serious power to blast blockages away and clean the interior wall surfaces of grime and grease. Water jetting can even cut through tree roots, which also commonly block drains, or damage the pipework and cause leakage.


Fast acting

The consistent power of water jetted into and around the drainpipe makes for a fast and effective cleaning method for a wide range of applications.


Less intrusive

Less intrusive

The operation is carried out from the mouth of the drain and the hose is propelled along the inside of the drain. Debris or blockage is ejected through a drain outlet or manhole, meaning that in most cases the pipework doesn’t have to be dug up. This is far less invasive than other methods, which may cause major disruptions to daily activities.


Cost effective

Because it doesn’t require any pipework to be removed, high pressure water jetting can be a more cost effective solution for unblocking drains, for both residential and commercial property owners.


Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Without the use of harsh chemicals to erode away the blockage, water jetting is a safer solution to unblock drains. No chemicals will be washed along the pipes which can corrode or damage them in high enough concentrations, and there’ll also be no damage to the surrounding environment when the water is expelled to the surface.