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Updated by Dale Randle on Nov 23, 2015
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Cleaning Tips: How to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year for spending quality time with family and loved ones, celebrating with festive foods and having a much needed break. But, with the special occasion often comes a struggle with dirty dishes, spills, stains and mess that can be tough work to clean. If you’re hosting a big Christmas dinner or party, or receiving guests, here are a few ways to prepare ahead, so you can get your home clean in time and make life clearing up on the day much easier:


Stock up in advance

Stock up in advance

With a lot of guests to entertain, unwanted mess or spills are bound to occur. Make sure you’re prepared by stocking up on the essential cleaning products, as well as rubbish bags, washing detergent, toilet and kitchen paper. You could also distribute tissue boxes in communal areas for quick clean ups.


The more the merrier

If you can, it may be wise to source extra cutlery, crockery or chairs, in the event that you have friends popping over or unexpected visitors.


Check your linen

Shake out or iron any table linens, checking that there are no large stains from previous use. If you’re receiving overnight guests, change the sheets in the guest room beforehand so that they’re clean for when they arrive.


Clean cutlery

Clean cutlery

It may be that you choose to use special cutlery or glassware for the occasion, that has gathered dust and become dull from being stored away. Clean any cutlery or dishes so they’re fresh, or to avoid extra cleaning and make for easier tidying you could use paper plates and napkins. For glassware, rinsing the outside of glasses in vinegar will restore their shine, and the smell will fade as they dry.


Sort the rubbish

A few weeks before do a clear out of the house to rid of clutter and unwanted clothes. Also clean and clear out the fridge to make room for all the Christmas shopping. Check that bins are emptied, and on the day you could keep bin bags tied up in communal areas for easy disposal of Christmas wrapping, packaging or food.


Get help

Get help

If you’ve got too much to do before Christmas arrives without the time to clean, using a local cleaning service is a cost-effective way to allow you to focus on the more important aspects of the Christmas occasion, so you can shop for presents and plan the dinner without having to worry about getting your home in shape in time for guests.


Keep on top of the laundry

Having your laundry to a minimum will reduce the amount of mess on show to visitors, and will also ensure you have any special party outfits clean and ready in time for when you need to wear them.


Freshen up

Vacuuming or sweeping and properly cleaning in the communal areas and the kitchen is essential before the big day, to ensure hygiene and a clean environment for guests. It’s important that carpets are clean before the unwrapping of presents begins: flip rugs over and vacuum the undersides to remove as much dust and dirt as possible and beat out any carpets and upholstery.