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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 17.11 – 23.11.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 17.11 – 23.11.2015

After Paris Attacks, Brands Try to Show Support on Social Without Being Insensitive

When tragic events like Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris unfold, marketers face a challenge: Should they show their support for victims on social media, and if so, how do they do so in an authentic way?

Google Gets Surprise Ally in Mobile-App Search Push: Facebook

Google's effort to keep its search engine relevant in a world of mobile apps just got a boost from a big rival: Facebook.

Airbnb is being sued for copying a French designer's house

A French interior designer is suing Airbnb because the company allegedly copied her home decor without permission or credit, reports The Mirror. Zoé de las Cases, who rents out her flat on the service said a friend had noticed Airbnb's San Francisco offices looked alarmingly similar to her home.

Facebook Testing 'Search This Profile' Feature

Facebook confirmed to Mashable that it is testing a way for users to search other users' profiles, but they will only see content that they have been granted access to. Mashable reported late last week that The Huffington Post business editor Alexander Kaufman spotted Facebook's Search This Profile feature, adding that the feature is active on the account of Mashable space reporter Miriam Kramer.

Twitter is testing multiple emoji reactions to tweets

The heart's reign of terror as the only emoji-based reaction to a tweet may be coming to an end. Twitter user _Ninji noticed the ability to select multiple emoji from the heart, including the frown, the grimace, the party noisemaker, and the 100. "I can't believe they're finally letting me (100) tweets," _Ninji wrote.

Photoslurp Helps Brands Sell Products From Instagram

One of the nice things about Instagram is that unlike the rest of the web, the platform is generally devoid of annoying hyperlinks in posts and comments. However, while no hyperlinks make a cleaner user experience, they also make it hard for e-commerce brands to drive shoppers to external sites.

Uber is creating a ride-sharing mesh network with its new 'Destinations' feature

Uber is weaving a mesh network of ride-sharing that could potentially take passengers longer distances. A feature named "Destinations" lets anyone - going anywhere - take a passenger along for all or part of the trip. In the Uber app, all drivers need to do is note where they're headed, and Uber will attempt to match them up with passengers.

How to Regram on Instagram Using Hootsuite

When you're in charge of managing multiple social media networks, coming up with new ideas for Instagram posts can be hard-never mind the time and effort it takes to get everything set up in order to capture the perfect shot.

Socialbakers Finds Shares Correlate 94% with Brands' Viral Reach

We've found the secret behind Media pages' incredible viral reach, and it can have serious impact for Brands. Everyone wants you to make shareable content. Yeah, us too. After all, it makes sense that having your audience share your story would be an easy way to reach another, probably-receptive audience.

Lidl sponsorem reprezentacji Anglii

Odwieczna rywalizacja Anglików z Niemcami zeszła na dalszy plan, gdy niemiecka sieć dyskontów Lidl podpisała umowę sponsorską z angielską federacją.

Behind The +1: Meet The New Google+(Plus)

Google+ has always been a project for Google, regardless of what you've read in the media. With projects, come changes...and there have been quite a few for Google+ this year. The Photos product that got pulled out of G+ is doing pretty damn well, and YouTubers were happy when the service was unbundled from the video-sharing site.

Tumblr adds a GIF maker to its mobile app

Tumblr is making it even easier for users to create their own GIFs. The company on Tuesday rolled out a new GIF Maker for its iPhone app (Android support is coming soon) that makes creating GIFs from your own videos and images a snap.

Wzrost rynku reklamowego o 4%. Najszybciej rozwija się reklama online - Tematy - Marketing przy Kawie - praktyczne ws...

Od stycznia do września br. rynek reklamy w wartościach netto wzrósł o 4%, tj. o 209 mln zł, wobec analogicznego okresu 2014 roku. Czynnikiem, który wywarł największy pozytywny wpływ na jego kondycję, był wzrost wydatków sektorów: handel, produkty farmaceutyczne i leki, a także FMCG. Agencja SMG przeanalizowała tendencje po trzech kwartałach 2015 roku.

Instagram limits developer API access with new app review process

Instagram is making it harder for developers to weave apps through the service. Starting next month, it will review apps before granting use of its API. It's part of a behind-the-scenes reconditioning of Instagram, where the company will focus on three key areas: helping users share their content with third party apps, assisting brands and advertisers who need help understanding their audience and helping broadcasters and publishers source content.

Spotify's new insights dashboard lets musicians stalk their fans too

It's one of the costs of fame IMHO that 'making it big' comes with a certain amount of stalking. And with phone-wielding fans watching your every move, it's certainly become easier to do at scale than when the odd group of girls could find out where The Beatles were staying just so they could scream outside.

Google Photos helps free up space by deleting images you've already backed up

Hate it when you show someone a photo and they start scrolling past that image and through your gallery? Well, if you don't have to carry those photos with you, now you don't have to.

Instagram Is Now The Most Influential Social Marketing Platform

Marketing has always been about influencing our consumer behaviour. And to do so, marketers always had access to an arsenal of methods and channels. TV was thought to be the most efficient for long, but nowadays we know friends are the most influential marketing channel.

Improved competition comparison in Sotrender!

At Sotrender we're working hard everyday to make our clients happy. One of our tool's features that we are the most proud of is competition comparison. We know our clients use it frequently, so we decided to make it even better.

Ad of the Day: Netflix Shows You the Consequences of Being the Worst Kind of Rat

You've seen this kind of torture scene before. A man sits bound to a chair, preparing to feel unimaginable pain after crossing a line with his tough-guy boss. He seems to have leaked some sensitive information-or even informed on the guy.

El Clasico obejrzyjcie na Ogromny sukces Brand24 - AntyWeb

Nie chciałbym nikomu podpaść na wstępie wpisu, więc nie napiszę, której z drużyn będę kibicował w sobotę. Pojedynek Realu Madryt z F.C. Barceloną oglądać jednak będę na pewno i to po raz pierwszy online - za transmisję spotkania odpowiada bowiem firma Eleven Network, której kanał sportowy dostępny jest na

Emotikon pokonał drwala. Znamy

Emotikon pokonał drwala. Znamy

Meet Sweet: Hearst's new straight-to-Snapchat publication

You may have noticed a new channel pop up in Discover on Snapchat this week called Sweet. It's prominently placed first in the list of Discover channels, alongside the likes of BuzzFeed, Refinery 29, Vice and National Geographic. It seems a little out of place - and until this week, it was virtually unheard of.

Vine's new feature lets you grab audio from any Vine to make your own

Want the Duck Army sound for your Vine? It's now as simple as tapping two icons. Vine announced a new feature which allows users to pull the audio from one Vine to remix into your own creation, in a post on its blog Wednesday.

Google is lowering its minimum purchase price for Play Store apps

What's that sound you're hearing? Oh, just the jingle of change in your virtual pocket as Google lowers its minimum app prices in no fewer than 17 countries. While 99 cents may not seem like much, for some in other nations (where the exchange rate between American dollars and local currencies can be in the thousands), it's still a hefty sum to pay for a mobile app.