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Financial Investment Trading

Empirical Analysis of Limit Order Books

Indian Exchanges follow the Price-Time Priority principle in Limit Order Books. This allows for quantification of the costs that a trader is willing to pay or receive in order to Trade. In order to gain price priority, the cost is in terms of ticks paid to gain price precedence over others. In terms of Time priority, it is atleast one tick, that allows the trader's order to leapfrog others at the same price level.

15 Fresh Analyst Stock Picks Called to Rise 50% to 100%

This past week may have been painful for the markets with a 665 point drop in the Dow as the rate hike probability gets ever more realistic. Many key stocks were crushed after poor earnings, but others shined brightly. What has been amazing is that for over four years now the investing public has lined up in droves to buy their favorite stocks on pullbacks and when value scenarios arise.

Is the New iPad Pro a Game Changer?

I should start by pointing out that I am an Apple bull and long the stock myself and in client accounts. That said, I’m realistic, and I don’t see the iPad Pro amounting to much. It might peel away a few would-be Microsoft (MSFT) Surface tablets or a few Mac laptops. But tablets — even high-powered ones — are simply not the game changer Tim Cook seems to think they are.

ForeScout Technologies is a fast growing Israeli US based cyber security company. It is about to set itself in the listing of the Wall Street. But the company may not be entering into the IPO if the market is remaining in the same condition as now. Especially if the financial market is remaining volatile, then the company may not be entering in to the IPO even by next year, said the chief of the company. Gartner, which is a technology research firm, has actually ranked the ForeScout as the leader in the access control field.


QuantInsti has been invited to provide education on futures and options to the conference attendees so that they can obtain information on how derivatives can help their business. With this workshop, more physical traders will have the knowledge to use derivatives for trading and risk management.

Futures Trading Strategies on SGX - India chapter in AFACT in Singapore

QuantInsti was invited to Participate in SGX India Suite in AFACT (Association of Financial and Commodity Traders, Singapore).Mr. Nitesh Khandelwal, Founder of QuantInsti, spoke at SGX-India chapter in AFACT in Singapore on the 23rd of May. He gave a detailed presentation covering various Quantitative Trading Strategies. The session was based on the real life quantitative trading strategies with actual market data. Various models were also shown and explained to the audience.The presentation was very well received by the participants, which included many members of Association of Financial and Commodity Traders, Singapore.

Gap Fill potential in Buffalo Wild Wings

Seems I like buying when stocks are breaking out, and they seem to continue to go for a little bit then get beaten down. Since I don’t really know any traders I was hoping you could help me. I am following you, and I do read the education information you tweet about.What is the best way to analyze volume, and is it buying or selling volume?

ITG to Bear Record Fine Punishment against Dark Pool Violations

United States Securities and Exchange Commission has successfully tracked out the company carrying out dark pool violations since more than a year. After a long discussion, Brokerage Firm Investment Technology came into agreement to pay 20.3 million dollars towards the fraud it made by maintaining secret trading desk and gaining profits by stealing confidential customer information recorded in its dark pool. Since from beginning, ITG used to act as an agency broker helping clients to trade on their behalf. It carried all the operations of buying and selling within the dark pool or company’s private stock venue. In 2010, the company initiated for a secret trading desk named Project Omega which traded to the growth of ITG’s own account. Moreover, ITG obtained automated trading strategies to collect live trading data in favor of their own clients within POSIT and other trading venues for more than a year.

Nuziveedu Seeds Got Approval for IPO from SEBI

Nuziveedu Seeds - One of the famous cotton seed companies got approval recently from Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to call for an initial public offer (IPO). SEBI announced that it has issued its approval for IPO on August 15th, 2015. It came to know that company has filed Draft Red Herring Prospectus in the month of April. SEBI has observed in keen about the draft placed by Nuziveedu Seeds for about 105 days and approved their proposal of initial IPO. SEBI also announced that this is the 24th company listed from beginning of the year which got approval from market regulator SEBI. Nuziveedu Seeds is the largest seed company in India located in Hyderabad. It has filed draft to get approval for an issue of 125 crore valued shares. Along with the issue, Company proposed an offer for selling shares from promoters and existing equity investor Blackstone.

Hello Fresh Is Postponing Their IPO Due To Market Volatility

The Hello Fresh AG sources have told that the food delivery start up is going to postpone their plan of IPO. The Hello Fresh is the food unit which is backed up by the Rocket Internet of Samwer brothers. The food unit has told recently that they are planning for an IPO soon. But the sources have now told that the IPO of Hello Fresh will be postponed. The company has taken this decision because of market volatility, said the sources. The investors and the marketers, who were eagerly waiting for the IPO of Hello Fresh, have now said that they were disappointed by the company’s decision.

Future of Market Structure Enforcement and Best Practices for Market Participants

Today’s modern markets employ technology to effectuate trades in microseconds. The automation of trading has led to faster trades, fewer shares per trade, and increased diversity in trading venues.3 “Competition for order flow among these trading venues is intense. Venues strive to show that they offer low-costs, liquidity, price improvement, and speed of execution. Much of that order flow now comes from high frequency trading firms. Typical estimates are that high frequency trading represents 50% or more of total market volume.”4 And most self-regulation is now out-sourced to FINRA, which can leverage its multiple-market regulatory experience.

Excel 2013 Essential Training

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REITs To Feel The Pressure Of A Rate Hike

David Barse, chief executive officer at Third Avenue Management, discusses commercial and retail real estate investments and how they may be impacted by a Federal Reserve rate hike.

A sneak peek into Artificial Intelligence based HFT Trading Strategies

This video is a recording of our Webinar on "A sneak peek into Artificial Intelligence based HFT Trading Strategies" conducted by QuantInsti on 27th February, 2015. In this video Mr. Sameer Kumar, Director and Faculty at QuantInsti, How machine learning techniques can help us design better trading strategies. He will cover alpha in trading and how we can extract it by applying the knowledge about the market structure and order flow. He will also explain how to use machine learning for predicting asset paths. Watch the video to understand the high frequency trading and using Artificial Intelligence for trading.

A Flat 200 Day And 6 Weeks Of Nothing

If you know anything about me you know that I can’t stand when prices are near a flat 200 day simple moving average. It’s not that I want to short stocks in those situations. I don’t want anything to do with them at all. You’re signing up for a headache, I’m telling you. Breakouts tend not to hold and breakdowns usually don’t hold either. The reason is that there is no trend when prices are near a flat 200 day moving average. Markets trend by nature, but when they’re in this particular situation, they don’t. Why would you bother with the one scenario where you know markets are not trending?

London Stock Exchange Unit in Talks with the Plato Venue

The nascent consortium of asset managers, brokerages and the banks are in talk with the The London London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) unit in order to provide a technology that will be its well planned platform for trading. This will be conceived as the venue for some of the off market trades that will be including some shares of larger blocks.

CFTC Plans for Scrutiny over the Algorithmic Trading

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has recently announced that they are planning for increasing the over sight on the algorithmic trading in future as the traders have claimed for a growth of share in the energy futures. Though the algorithmic trading is widely spread and being used by every market in the world now, there is still a fear that the speed of the algorithmic trading which cannot be compensated by the humans may end up in disaster at any time and the human intervention is very less, in fact absent in the proceedings of algo trading. This fear has made the CFTC to take such a decision on the algorithmic traders.

Glimpse of the Seminar held with a leading exchange in Mumbai - Quantinsti

As part of our continuous knowledge sharing initiatives, QuantInsti along with leading exchange, conducted an educational seminar on Algorithmic Trading for exchange members to help them enrich their trading strategies by using quantitative techniques as well as on expanding their trading reach using Algorithms. It was an interactive session with the buy side traders.To get a quick glimpse of the seminar check the link.

Top clicks this week on Abnormal Returns

Thanks for checking in with us this weekend. Here are the most clicked on items on Abnormal Returns for the week ended Saturday, December 12th, 2015.

Aswath Damodaran Session 26

Aswath Damodaran Session 26: Closing and Review Published on Dec 14, 2015 In this session, I wrapped up the class by first doing a quick review of the material covered, using Dante's Inferno as a guide to valuation bad practice hell. I then looked at your findings in the class.