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Updated by GKL Leasing on Nov 18, 2015
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Why GKL are the Right Choice for Start-ups Looking to Lease a Vehicle

Starting a new business will inevitably present challenges as far as transport is concerned. In the business world, appearances often count for a lot, so turning up to a meeting in an old, battered car is not a good start to winning a new client.
Whilst buying is often out of the question, many leasing companies are also inflexible with start-ups. This isn’t the case with GKL:


Short term leases

Starting a new business can be a quite an uncertain time, so the idea of being tied down to a long term vehicle lease isn’t always the best idea. GKL understand this and can provide short term leases for start-ups. At the end of this lease, businesses are often a little more certain of where they are going, so a new longer term lease may be agreed on. We understand that a presentable and reliable vehicle is extremely important for start-ups, so we are committed to providing vehicle leasing for businesses from their early stages and through their continued development.


Trial hire

For start-ups that are unsure about committing to a short term lease, GKL can offer initial trial hire periods.


Fast decisions

For any new business, it is good to get new developments underway quickly and needs are usually the same when it comes to leasing vehicles. Due to GKL’s unique underwriting criteria and flat management structure, lease contracts can be written up quickly, ensuring that start-ups can be on the road as soon as possible.


Decisions aren’t purely reliant on credit scores

In many cases, when a person starts a new business, their credit score isn’t exactly good. Funding a start-up will often require using up savings and taking loans or backing from elsewhere. Whilst some car leasing companies would make a decision based on credit score and as a result, turn down many start-ups, GKL make decisions on an individual basis. Rather than just looking at numbers, GKL look into the person and their business to make a decision to lease a vehicle.


Sign written vehicles

For a new business, increasing brand awareness as quickly as possible is essential and a sign written company vehicle provides a fool-proof marketing opportunity that is proven to have a good return on investment. However, for businesses that choose to lease a company vehicle rather than purchasing it, many car leasing businesses will not allow their vehicles to be sign written. GKL can provide sign written vehicles to help new businesses get their brand noticed.