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Headline for Reasons to Choose Triple Fin Wool Pile Weatherstrips for Your Home or Business
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Reasons to Choose Triple Fin Wool Pile Weatherstrips for Your Home or Business

If the doors or window seals in your home or business premises have degraded with age, it is likely that you are wasting money on your energy bills. By removing broken seals and installing triple fin wool pile weatherstrips, you can stand to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Triple fin wool pile has a number of important benefits:


Much improved air infiltration

Compared to standard wool pile weatherstrips, which feature a single barrier fin, triple fin wool pile features three pliable fins. As a result, triple fin wool pile is much more effective in preventing air infiltration, with as much as 25% improvement. As a result, this type of weatherstrip can help to improve energy efficiency considerably and cut down energy bills.


Improved noise insulation

The silent fin of triple fin wool pile is not only designed to help improve the water and air tightness of weatherstrips, but also to help reduce noise. By installing triple fin wool pile, noise insulation is considerably improved, which is useful for keeping outside noises out in a home, but also keeping inside noises in so as not to provide too much noise for any local residents. Improved noise insulation is of great benefit for industrial premises.


Triple fin wool pile creates a tighter seal

The most important quality of a weatherstrip is to provide a tight seal to prevent air and moisture (weather) from getting inside a property. Triple fin wool pile features a uniform structural integrity throughout the strip; each weather barrier has a centred pile design and as a result, each of the three piles are consistent, providing a tighter seal and working more efficiently.


Pile directors make sure the piles stays tight

Pile directors make sure the piles stays tight

Wool pile can be prone to the ‘blooming’ effect, where the pile starts to spread out, or bloom. As a result, the tightness of the weather seal is affected. To prevent blooming, triple fin wool pile features in-built pile directors that are designed to ensure that the pile is vertical and continues to provide a tight, effective seal against the weather, cutting out draughts and moisture, and helping to improve energy efficiency.


Triple fin wool pile is easy to install

Whilst triple fin wool pile is a highly effective form of weatherstrip, this doesn’t mean that it requires an expert to install it. Triple fin wool pile is designed to incorporate a solid backing of sturdy polypropylene, making it relatively simple to insert weatherstrips into window or door frames to provide a tight, consistent seal.


Only household tools are needed for replacing old wool pile weatherstrips

Old wool pile weatherstrips can be removed from a door or window frame with minimal fuss, using tools that are easily accessible to most households. Needle nosed pliers can be used to pull old woolpile out of the frame; it is blocked by a tilt-latch, this can also be removed with pliers. The same pliers can then be used to guide the new triple fin wool pile into the frame.


Triple fin wool pile is suitable for most window or door frames

Triple fin wool pile can be produced in a number of different base thicknesses, and fin heights, assuring that it forms an ideal weather seal for most window or door frames, providing the appropriate tightness to seal out wind, rain and noise pollution. Tri-Fin triple fin wool pile is also suitable for aluminium, timber and PVCu applications.