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Broaden and Deepen Relationships - Group 01

The number one mistake influencers make without even realizing it

Influencing Others with Dr. John Ullmen - UCLA School of Mgmt - Author of Persuading Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In.

The importance of political savvy

What adds to or takes away from the opportunities your ability provides you in your career? Could it be your ability to make new connections, understand coalitions and consider the politics in any situation? Watch this....

Increasing your persuasiveness - which have you tried???

Our passion to persuade often exceeds our capacity to convince, often because we tend to use a narrow range of tactics….which of these 12 strategies could you increase your capacity to convince? 

Is poor performance the employee's fault? Most managers would answer that question by ticking off a list that includes weak skills, insufficient experience, inability to prioritise assignments, and lack of motivation. 

Really??? Well, according to the authors of the article below in their research with hundreds of executives, the evidence strongly suggests that it is the bosses themselves--albeit unintentionally--and how they RELATE to their under performers that is frequently responsible for an employee's subpar achievement. According to the authors, bosses and their perceived weak performers are often caught in a relationship called the set-up-to-fail syndrome. 

What you think leaders at Deakin could do around their relationships with under performers to better support them in general and what can you glean from the article to help and support them through change?

Thanks to those whom were able to join us last night for webinar 1. For this week's post I've included the slides we used in the webinar - they contain a few notes, so have a look. You can also find the recording of the webinar in the resource section of our on-line environment.

So, coffee with yourself this it time to do the 3 steps?

Post any questions or comments here. Would love to hear how you go experimenting with intentional affiliation and strategic relating. Have fun connecting, relating, and empathising in a manner that is brings about trust more rapidly!

Broadening and Deepening Relationships with peers

Connecting with Peers in the Workplace with Todd Dewitt

Modeling exemplary behavior – both task and social (relationship) behaviours to enable peers to let down their guard and connect with you and work as a team. The entire video program is quite short, but here’s a relevant part of it:

Enjoy during the next coffee with yourself:

Backwards bicycle - the value of unlearning

What is simple is not always easy...Look at what 5 minutes a day for 8 months can do....

Love the points:

  • Knowledge does not equal understanding
  • Truth is truth

So during this 'ACT' 6 month phase of the program what might you be preparing to unlearn? What's your personal 'backwards bike' challenge?

Below are the slides from last week's webinar and look for the audio file in the resources section. Refer to the notes on each slide for additional guidance.

Use these in your next coffee with yourself to work through these 5 steps to ensure you make progress on your Area of Application in preparation for your next cohort coaching group.

The BONUS step activities around your strengths have been posted in the Self Awareness section – Enjoy refocusing on your values, leadership journey, and strengths!

It's a shame so many of you didn't have a chance to attend the webinar yesterday. For your perusal and to allow you to catch up, I've attached the slides below. See the script/notes as well. The video will be posted in the Resource section in the next few days. Also note, an appendix containing a 'deeper dive' of the information is in the Resource section as well under Webinar 3.

This ability to 'flex' and communicate in a persuasive manner could possibly be very applicable to your area of application - have a look and please feel free to ask any questions of make any comments below. I look forward to the discussions.

As you move through the days trying to put into practice the ‘self awareness’ process from webinar 2, and work on your area of application from your coaching cohorts, you may notice that it’s sometimes hard to ‘catch yourself’ in the moment and ‘make another choice’ in your chosen area of application.

Mindfulness is key to being able to elicit behavioral change.

Mindfulness is also pivotal for Enhancing Creativity, Problem Solving and Decision Making. So it is the core of many of the activities that are important to you as a leader and manager.

Click the link for an exclusive extract from Mindfulness for Creativity: Adapt, Create and Thrive in a Frantic World - read the extract and test out the breathing meditation for yourself.

This process:
• Firstly, provides a dynamic anchor for your awareness, so you can be aware when you are moving into an old habit
• Secondly, it helps strengthen your powers of concentration, so that you can shift the focus of your awareness and elicit the changes you want to make in your area of application

There are many other benefits to learning more about and experimenting with mindfulness….of course assisting you in your area of application is first and foremost.

5 Ways You’re Telling People Your Time Isn’t Valuable

Think about the signals you are sending to others about taking your time:
• Do you say yes to every request and favor?
• Do you let others schedule meetings on your calendar as they please?
• Do you let others’ priorities trump your own?

Yet, many people not only give away their time freely… they even tell others that they don’t value it. If you don’t set expectations about your time, then others will continue to believe that they can take it any time they want.

Here are 5 Ways You Are Telling People Your Time Isn’t Valuable:

What can you do to strengthen your relationships through pushing back, qualifying requests, and re-setting boundaries around your time?