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10 Reasons Why Your List Posts should be using Listly

A collection of blog posts exploring and crowd-sourcing the value of social lists. I will release one post per working day The post are being released one per working day between Monday the 19th of March and Friday 27th March 2012


Big Names / Top content - Video vs Audio vs Slides vs Lists vs Graphics

70+ top blogs analyzed including: Jeff Bullas Hiten Shah & Neil Patel Mack Collier http:...

Introduction: The Nine (Not Eight) Wonders of Lists

Introduction post to a series of posts exploring the value of social lists

Community - Lists form Communities, you'll never List Alone, again

Old Model: Information Hierarchy : Publisher > Content > Consumer
New Model: Information Network : Community forms around Content
Old Thinking: We (the publisher) knows best
New Thinking: We (the collective) knows better – Wisdom of Crowds

Creating / Curating Collections: Interactive & Evolving Trumps Linear & Fixed

Old Model: Lists / Collections are Static / Fixed / Dormant / Linear
New Model: Lists / Collections are Interactive and Evolving
Old Thinking: Lists / Collections are simply “text”
New Thinking: Interactive & Participation are the New Normal!

List & Collections : Open Platforms/Markets vs Proprietary Feature

Old Model: Lists are a Feature (Proprietary)
New Model: Lists are a Product or a Market (Open / Ubiquitous)
Old Thinking: Lists exist inside Applications and within Blog Posts
New Thinking: Lists traverse applications. Lists unify. Lists are reusable

Lists, Metrics & Gamification - Feedback Makes Better Lists

Old Model: List Metrics = Post Metrics – Lists are Part of a Post
New Model: Lists reach beyond the post – Lists can be embedded in multiple posts

Old Thinking: Lists are Content – Content is complete when published
New Thinking: Lists are a tool – A tool to spread your message and evolve your content.

Rethinking Content Creation in the Age of Collaborative Consumption

Old Model: The Lone Expert – The Journalist/ The Blogger
New Model: Many Eager Contributors – Co-Creations meets Co-Curation
Old Thinking: We know everything. Here it is. More next week.
New Thinking: Here’s my initial thoughts, can you help?

The Reading & Writing Continuum

Old Model: Write once. Publish. Move on. Reader is the consumer
New Model: Writing Never Ends. Reading is Never Alone. It’s a continuum

Are you Unlistening? Are you Ignoring Feedback?

Old Model: Monolog – Spectators / Consumers
New Model: Dialog – Participation & Contribution
Old Thinking: Lists are born perfect. No need to listen. No Feedback Required
New Thinking: Lists are a way to engage your audience.

List Curation - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Old Model: Creation
New Model: Creation AND Curation
Old Thinking: Start from Nothing – Ex Nihilo
New Thinking: Start from Something – Mashup Models – ReInvent/Copy/ReCombine

Awesome Crowdsourced Content = Awesome Crowdsourced SEO

Old Model: We crave “more” and “new” content. We need new contain to sustain our traffic.
New Model: We can get more from less content by keeping our content alive
Old Thinking: Publish, Spike and flatline
New Thinking: Publish and grow SEO ranking and traffic as your content evolves

Beliefs – Engagement Shift: The Battle for the Inside of the Post

Old Model: Engagement on Blogs is via Comments (Below the Post)
New Model: Engagement is inside the Post (via Embedded objects)
Old Thinking: Blog Post Are Fixed Content – Posting = End of Life.
New Thinking: The Post is Living Content – A Post has a LifeCycle.

10 Reason You’ll Love Lists and Lists Posts for Your Blog and Custo...

10 Ways ReThinks the use of Lists as Content Why Lists Bring Amplification & Social Engagement to Your Content Marketing Strategy Today, you may use li