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Updated by theoldbrew on Nov 17, 2015
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5 surprising things to avoid if you want healthy skin

There are so many things that are harmful to your skin. The sun, the wind, a lack of exercise and water, a poor diet and too much caffeine or alcohol are factors all of us know about. But there are many other harmful actions that you may be less aware of. Here are some more surprising things you should avoid if you care for your skin.


Talking on the phone

How often do you talk on the phone? Where do you place it? Long periods of time with a phone next to your skin is not good for it as bacteria, sweat and old make up all build up. Keep your phone clean and your skin will be clean too!


Chlorine on your skin

Whilst going for a swim at your local pool does have many health benefits, the chlorine in the water is rather less helpful to your skin. In fact it can react badly with any creams you are wearing so the first thing to do after that swim, is shower off the chlorine.


Popping your spots

Most of us have a compulsion to get rid of any unsightly spots by popping them. Beware though. A popped spot has a much greater chance of being affected by bacteria which then causes more spots. Not really what you were aiming for, eh?


Skipping meals

Yes we all know that our body needs a healthy diet in order to function at 100% and of course this helps your skin. But skipping a meal - is that really such a big no no? Well yes it is. Skipping meals can cause your skin to age more quickly and dry it out. It isn't worth it, so eat regularly.


Sleeping on dirty pillowcases

The night time is a busy time for your skin. It will shed many dead cells overnight. Where do they end up? On your pillowcase of course, and with them come bacteria and toxins. Change your pillowcase regularly to avoid this.