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20 Arts And Crafts Kits For Kids

When we were growing up, our Grandmother used to sit us at the table and teach us how to sew on paper plates. As we mastered the art of sewing, we were allowed to replace the missing buttons on Pop Pop's work shirts. These memories are what make us, so when we're looking for ways to get rid of the winter doldrums, we reach for our arts and crafts kits and make memories with our kids.

Shrink and Link Jewelry by Klutz

Our girls are really into making jewelry right now, so when we saw this craft kit, we knew we had something cool on our hands. The Shrink and Link Jewelry Book includes step-by-step instructions to guide your child through the jewelry making process. This gift is not only perfect for kids that love to make their own jewelry, but also those that love to make homemade gifts for friends and family. We can't wait to see what fun pendants they make for us!!

About this kit: With more than 2 million Shrink Art Jewelry and Shrinky Dinks books in print, we at Klutz are pretty much shrink plastic experts. But when it's as easy as tracing, cutting, and baking . . . you can become a shrink art expert too! Even if you're totally new to this whole shrink art thing, our step-by-step instructions will have your friends admiring your "did-you-really-make-that?!" jewelry in no time. This is the only book out there that lets you make reusable, transferable, dimensional pendants and attach them to a ring or a necklace. With Shrink and Link Jewelry, you can create brilliant shrink art charms from over 50 traceable designs - and then mix and match them for a limitless wardrobe of unique, colorful jewelry! Handmade for the Holidays

Pom-pom Pals: Farm

Everyone loves pom-poms, especially the soft, fluffy, squishy kind! But not everyone knows how to craft with pom-poms. I admit, other than helping my kids glue on wiggle eyes - I don't always know how to take it to the next level. The Pom-pom Pals: Farm Book will have you and your children creating a barnyard full of fluffy friends in no time!

About this book: Kids ages 7 and up will delight in creating their own fuzzy farm animal friends in Pom-pom Pals: Farm. The complete kit comes with everything young crafters will need to make a horse, cow, pig, and sheep: an easy-to-use pom-pom maker, four colors of yarn, felt, ribbon, and ready-made mini pom-poms. The full-color simple step-by-step instruction book contains extra project ideas and instructions to make even more adorable pom-pom animals, plus fascinating facts about each creature. An adoption certificate for these new farmyard friends adds the finishing touch to this creative, hands-on title.

Noah's Ark Origami by Seth Friedman (Author)

Each year, our children receive some sort of religious gift under the tree. As Catholics, the story of Noah's ark is one that children learn early on and cherish forever. This beautiful hardcover book is just lovely and the idea of us making Noah, his wife, and ten pairs of animals together, as a family, is super sweet. I cannot wait to see their faces light up when they open Noah's Ark Origami on Christmas day.

About this product: The account of Noah’s ark is more than just a powerful reminder of divine power—it is a classic story cherished by children and adults alike. The imagery of all the Earth’s creatures uniting in pairs on a single vessel has captivated readers over the millennia, and now that imagery comes to life with Noah’s Ark Origami. Complete with an in-depth account of Noah’s ark that includes historical information and maps, this entertaining kit also contains 30 sheets of 4” x 4” paper, 40 sheets of 6” x 6” paper, and 30 sheets of 8” x 8” paper so that each animal can be crafted to scale. The 112-page book is perfect for both Bible students and animal lovers, with easy-to-follow instructions for folding Noah, his wife, and ten pairs of animals. Plus, die-cut board pieces create a 3-D ark, perfect for housing your origami menagerie. Sure to unfold hours of enjoyment, Noah’s Ark Origami is a paper-folding collection of biblical proportions.

The Ultimate Girls' Guide to Drawing: Puppies, Polar Bears, and Other Adorable Animals

Okay, I know this book says it's for girls, but it's not. Boys and Girls alike will love using these easy-to-follow illustrations to create their very own menagerie of animals. As someone who can only draw a stick figure, I was SO impressed with the details and beauty of this book. I know it's going under the tree at my sister's house - but I guarantee my nephew uses it more then my niece simply because there is an entire section devoted to wild animals and he's always begging my sister (who can actually draw) to create massive zoos for him.

About this product: If you love animals as much as you love to draw, this book will make you roar with excitement! With easy-to-use illustrated instructions for more than 60 drawing projects, The Ultimate Girls' Guide to Drawing: Puppies, Polar Bears, and Other Adorable Animals provides something for every animal lover. Projects include many favorite and interesting animals and tips for drawing fur, feathers, and other key animal features. Grab your pencil and get up close with these incredible creatures.

Make Glitter Clay Charms Craft Kit by Klutz

Remember how we said that our girls LOVE making jewelry? If there's one thing we will never have enough of in our homes, it's jewelry making kits like Make Glitter Clay Charms. This kit is pretty simple to use and includes everything your girls will need to make a charm bracelet with several glittery charms. We were very pleased with the first Make Clay Charms craft book and have no doubt that this one will be spectacular too!

About this product: Design your own bracelet with itty-bitty glittery charms! As a follow-up to the beloved bestseller Make Clay Charms, this book comes with 35 new charm designs, new clay colors, and two packets of accent glitter to make your charms sparkle and shine. Starting with a few basic shapes and easy-to-mold clay, you can sculpt mini food, tiny aliens and robots, pocket-sized unicorns, and dozens of other cuties that you can customize with extra personality. Just pop your creations in the oven to set (with an adult's help, of course), use our special glaze to give them polish and add as much glitter as you want, then attach them to the included bracelet. Each project has clear instructions and a true-to-life sizing guide to help you craft your own glitter charms. Handmade for the Holidays

Potato Chip Science: 29 Incredible Experiments

What happens when one of your Aunts is a teacher? You get really cool DIY and STEM toys for your birthday. Aunt Jill picked up this Potato Chip Science Kit for my son over the summer and we've had a ton of fun playing with it ever since. I even like to bring this kit out on "hang outs" (FYI - once you're son turns 9, you are NOT allowed to call them play dates EVER again), whenever the boys claim they're bored. At the last play date, ummmm - hang out, my son and his friend built a potato radio.

About this product: Snack on science! Make a science of snacks! Potato Chip Science is the book and kit that’s an irresistible introduction to science for 8- to 12-year-olds. Here are 29 incredible experiments―plus one edible project―that use potato chips, potatoes, potato chip bags, tubes, and lids. Included in the bag are a 96-page two-color book and a dozen items that kids can use for the following “snacktivities”: Bag Blaster - Bird Feeder - Chipmobile - Chip Analyzer - Chip-Ship Challenge - Chip-Tube Gobbler - “Color” Wheel - Compass - Composter - Confetti Can-non - CSI Detective Kit - Dancing Chips - Electric Wave - Flipper - Hydrofoil - Kissing Tubes - Kite - Mini Extermi-tater - Potato Bender - Potato Chip Crunchies - Potato Battery - Saucer Tosser - Shrunken (Potato) Head - Signal Mirror - Sound Spinner - Spud Crud - Spuddy Buddy - Walkie-Talkie - Windmill. Manufactured in the United States of America. Potato Chip Science received the Gold Medal from The National Parenting Publication Awards, and a Gold "Brain Child" Medal from Tillywig.

Pom-Pom Pals: Pets by Laura Clempson

When my daughter spied this craft kit in the store the other day, she squealed so loudly I thought something bad had happened. Nope. It was just her flipping out over the "cuteness" of these little pets. Plus, she has a weird obsession with "Ginger Kitties" right now, so that sealed the deal for her. Anyways, I quickly snapped a picture of Pom-pom Pals: Pets on my iPhone so I could make sure that Santa put it under the tree this year. I have no doubt she'll be ripping apart this box as soon as she gets her hands on it.

About this product: Pom-pom Pals: Pets contains everything that budding crafters need to create the most adorable fuzzy friends you’ve ever seen. This complete kit and detailed book of instructions comes with an easy-to-use pom-pom maker, four colors of yarn, felt, ribbon, and ready-made mini pom-poms—everything kids ages 7 and up will need to make a dog, cat, rabbit, and guinea pig. The full-color simple step-by-step instruction book contains extra project ideas and instructions to make even more adorable pom-pom animals, plus fascinating facts about each creature. Once kids have created their new pom-pom friends, they can personalize their pets and sign the included adoption certificate to become the official owners of the cutest pets on the planet.

DC Super Heroes Origami: 46 Folding Projects for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and More!

I am a huge Superhero dork. I love Wonder Woman and really, really wanted to be like her when I grew up. I even broke our Mother's heart one Halloween when I refused to wear her gorgeous homemade costume in lieu of a cheap, plastic Wonder Woman costume complete with red boots. (True story!) Anyways, I'd like to say that this DC Super Heroes Origami kit is for the kids, but I'd be a big fat liar. I have no doubt that I'll be spending many lazy Sunday afternoons making an army of Wonder Woman origami gals to play with...

About this product: What happens when you combine Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League with the art of origami? You get the most incredible collection of paper-folding projects ever assembled. These 46 models, meticulously designed by internationally renowned origami master John Montroll, are guaranteed to amaze. With clear, step-by-step diagrams and instructions, simple squares of paper transform into Batarangs, S-Shields, Invisible Jets, Green Lanterns, and so much more. Also included in the back of the book are 96 sheets of specially illustrated folding papers to make your DC creations truly come to life. When you fold these models, your friends will believe you're the one with super powers.

Alex Toys Guy Gear DIY Cobra Bands by ALEX Toys

My son received this Cobra Bands Kit as a gift. I wasn't sure what his take on it would be, but a few weeks later, when he was grumbling about how bored he was, I took it out of the craft closet. As he inspected it closely, I heard him mutter, "Cool" and then he ripped open the package. The cords are a bit tricky to get used to, but we like making projects together, so I was able to help out until he got the hang of it. He really liked that they were geared at boys and came with an assortment of boy-colored cords.

About this product: ALEX Toys Craft DIY Cobra Bands lets kids make their own trendy cord jewelry. Easy instruction make learning the cobra knot a breeze. Create 5 sporty cobra bands with bright colors and cool buckles! The box includes 10-34in. nylon paracords, 5 plastic buckles, a finishing tool and instructions. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older. ALEX Toys Craft kits cultivate creativity, foster fun and encourage enterprise! Kids can hone their crafting skills while making jewelry, toys and fashion accessories that they can cherish, give as gifts or even sell. Dough, beads, yarn, stickers, markers and even duct tape – all the arts and crafts supplies needed to construct keepsakes everyone will love come in every set. Visit for more information on ALEX Brands and our best-selling line of educational and entertaining products for kids.

Finger Knitting Craft Kit by Klutz

Okay, I'm not going to lie. I want this kit for ME. Santa will be putting it under the tree for my daughter, but I really, really want to get one for myself too. After years of watching my craftier friends knit their hearts out, I always wanted to learn, but simply do not have the patience to learn traditional knitting. This is where this kit comes in. Finger Knitting reaches you the basic concept of knitting, but without the needles! This kit is a great one to bring with you on long road trips to Grandma's house or flights to someplace nice. I have no doubt that my son will take a stab at it too!

About this product: Cozy knit accessories are right at your fingertips-literally! Make scarves, hats, jewelry, cat ear headbands, boot toppers, and much more with easy instructions for 15 projects. Even if you've never knit a stitch before, you'll be amazed by what you can make without needles. And with 200 yards of metallic-sparkle yarn right in the box, you can whip up 2 extra-large scarves or several smaller projects. How do you finger knit? Simply weave the yarn back and forth between your fingers, and then pick up the loops. Really, it's that easy! When you're ready to take a break, use the handy stitch holder until it's time to continue. Then braid, fold, wrap, or tie your finger-knit chains into cool creations, such as a flower-embellished scarf, a beaded necklace, or a boho-style fringe. Everything you need comes with the book (fingertips not included). Handmade for the Holidays

Rip and Stick Duct Tape Wallet Kit by ALEX Toys

Our boys like to hang out with us and make stuff, but they are pretty adamant about not wanting to make anything that their sisters make. We get it. At this age, they want to do "manly" things and this is why we love the new line of Guy Gear from Alex Toys. All of their Guy Gear kits, like this Rip & Stick Duct Tape Wallet Kit, are heavily focuses on boys being boys. And we truly appreciate that! This kit will let the boys make their very own duct tape wallets from scratch and comes with a see-through pocket for an ID, just like a regular wallet! This kit is so much fun - I guarantee their sisters will want one too! Oh, the irony...

About this product: The ALEX Toys - Craft, Guy Gear, Rip & Stick Duct Tape Wallet Kit, 1601 lets kids create a unique and fun fashion statement. Duct tape has become a huge crafting trend and this kit has everything kids need to make their very own wallet. Fabric templates and stencils make it easy. It even comes with a see-through pocket for an ID, just like a regular wallet! This kit includes (5) rolls of duct tape (3-yards each), non-stick paper, stencil sheet, pre-cut fabric and easy instructions. ALEX is renowned for producing quality craft projects for children of all ages, and this year is no exception. Our signature detail and creativity continues with wonderful new introductions, turning classic crafting into modern projects with a sophisticated look and finish. Parents love the quality ALEX puts into traditional crafts, and kids love that we make them trendy! The ALEX Toys - Craft, Guy Gear, Rip & Stick Duct Tape Wallet Kit, 1601 is recommended for children age 7 and up. ALEX Toys takes the mission of providing children with quality creative products that foster personal expression and build self-esteem to heart! ALEX products are currently sold in over 80 countries worldwide in specialty toy and retail shops. Visit for more information on Alex Brands and our best-selling line of educational and entertaining products for kids.

Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper-folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

As I mentioned earlier, we love Star Wars. So when we stumbled across this super cool Star Wars Origami Kit, we just had to check it out. I mean, come on! What could be more fun than turning a random piece of paper into Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Yoda, or R2-D2? Nothing, I say - nothing! Plus, this kit includes custom-designed paper illustrated with art from the movies, so your origami can be even cooler!

About this product: Chris Alexander is a master folder and founder of the popular website, and here are 36 models, clearly explained, that range in difficulty from Youngling (easy) to Padawan (medium), Jedi Knight (difficult), and Jedi Master (tricky!). A front section introduces origami definitions and basic folds. Bound in the back is the book’s unique folding paper, two sheets for each figure. Illustrated with original art, it makes each creation—the essential lightsabers, the Death Star, and much more—true to the movies. Star Wars Origami includes a foreword by Tom Angleberger, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and Darth Paper Strikes Back, and is scheduled to be published at the same time as Angleberger’s upcoming book, The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee.

Plushcraft Purr-Fect Pillow by The Orb Factory

One of my daughter's friends gave this kit to her for a birthday gift. I had never seen anything like it before, and truth be told, I was a bit wary. One afternoon, while I was running errands with my son, my husband decided to do this pillow craft with our daughter. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked back in the front door. She was proudly holding a cute pillow (her's had the letter A on it) in her hands and there wasn't a single mess to be found! This craft is perfect for little girls who like decorating their rooms. I'm hoping to find a more gender neutral version for my son too!

About this product: Create this adorable and purr-fectly fun pillow. It is fun and easy, there is no sewing required. This package contains over 360 pieces: one pillow, one tool, a variety of colored fabric pieces, two eyes and a mouth. The Orb Factory Limited is a provider of award winning crafts and activity products. With over 20 years in business, we are always creating brand new lines and exciting new products. We are now sold in over 60 countries, have won numerous awards and have become a recognized and trusted name in the toy industry.

American Girl Crafts Kitty Tote Bag by American Girl Crafts

Our girls love American Girl crafts. Every time we walk into our local Michaels, they make a beeline for the American Girl aisle. A few months back, my daughter spied this adorable Kitty Tote Bag and "cashed" in her "Good Behavior" stars for it. Although she was a bit young to do the sewing part (she's 7), she eagerly helped place all of the felt, and we sewed it together. I love any kind of creative sewing kit and this bag is pretty durable - she carries all sorts of stuff in it! When you finish sewing, you'll have a cute kitten on both sides of this bag - whiskers on one side, tail on the other.

About this product: Girls can decorate their own cute carry-all with the American Girl Crafts Kitty Tote Bag kit. The bag has the kitty's smiling face on the front and twirling tail on the back. The bag is ready to accessorize with sticky felt designs and simple sewn details. The bag is just the right size to carry to school or a friend's house. Kit includes: pre-made canvas tote, felt shapes, adhesive felt shapes, buttons, beads, embroidery floss, needle and needle threader, along with illustrated step-by-step instructions. 45 pieces. Finished size 12-inches-by-12-inches. Ages 8 and up. The American Girl Crafts Kitty Tote Bag Kit includes all the embellishments, bases and instructions you need to create. Please make sure you have scissors and a ruler on hand.

Shrinky Dinks® Monster Lab by Creativity for Kids

Oh, Shrinky Dinks® - how we loved thee as kids! I can still see our astonished faces in the reflection of Mom's oven the first time we watch the little plastic sheets magically shrink down into hardened bits of plastic. It was amazing then and it's still amazing now! We love this Monster Lab because it gets our boys in on the fun too. They've entered that land of boycotting anything "girly" - but with loads of cool, creepy monsters to color and shrink, they won't be able to say no to this family crafting activity.

About this product: These Shrinky Dinks® are downright monstrous. Kids get to color, bake and shrink more than 50 types of creatures. Every Shrinky Dink can be customized thanks to Faber-Castell Color EcoPencils, brads, chenille stems, wiggly eyes and more. When it's finished, the creatures can then be placed inside the 3D pop-up laboratory and displayed to the world. This kit contains 1 pop-up playscape laboratory (16-1/8" x 7-3/4" x 6"), 11 colored pencils, 1 pencil sharpener, over 50 pre-cut Shrinky Dink shapes, assorted chenille stems, craft glue, foam character stands, clear plastic character stands, double-sided foam squares, double-sided sticky dots, jump rings, wiggly eyes, and assorted brads. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Adult supervision is required when baking. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Woodland Animals Kids Arts & Crafts Project Kit

Our Grandma was the one who taught us how to sew and some of my best memories are from sitting around her kitchen table sewing paper plates. Now that our kids are old enough to weld a sewing needle, I think this traditional Woodland Animals sewing kit is the perfect way to show them how to follow a pattern while learning how to sew. These beautifully colored pieces of felt and adorable animal shapes are just perfect for getting kids involved in sewing crafts.

About this product: When looking for an arts and crafts project that will engage your kids, build their skills and provide hours of fun, look no further than this Woodland Animals Sewing Kit. Our sewing kits are designed to teach practical skills, while building confidence, friendship and self-esteem. Each project offers hours of fun & skill-based learning for 7 to 12 year old girls and boys. Perfect for beginning sewers, with step-by-step instructions. Pre-cut felt and pre-punched holes allow for easy completion. All sewing accessories are included in a portable carry case for projects on the go. Kids make and learn about the animals that inhabit our forests: Fox, Owl, Bear, Rabbit & Chickadee.

Classic Wood Crafts by Creativity for Kids

Our Grandfather was the King of making cool stuff out of nothing. Whenever we were bored and Gram and Pop were watching us, he'd drag us down to his workshop and hand us a bunch of trinkets to play with. He never told us what to do - he just let us go to town making all sorts of creatures out of scrap metal and wood. This Classic Wood Crafts Kit reminds me so much of playing in his workshop and just screams good old fashioned fun.

About this product: A Faber-Castell Creativity For Kids Kit. Glue bits and beads and blocks together to create all kinds of wonderful wood creations! This kit contains over 400 total pieces: jumbo craft sticks, flat wood shapes, dimensional wood shapes, assorted wood spools, wood beads, craft spoons, wooden people, paints, 2 paintbrushes, feathers, chenille stems, 1 fine point black marker, graft glue, cotton cord, elastic cord, sand paper, a storage bag, and an instruction and idea booklet. Go green! The lid becomes a mess free crafting situation and the box can be reused to display your creative creations. Introducing Eco-Paint...this special formula is earth-friendly and kid approved. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Recommended for ages 5 and up. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Star Wars Crochet by Lucy Collin

When we were kids, my sister learned how to crochet. I don't really remember how -- maybe she took a class at school? -- but that winter, she crocheted all sorts of Christmas tree ornaments for our family. I remember being green with envy that she could MAKE something from nothing. Anyways, as soon as I laid eyes on Star Wars Crochet, I instantly thought of my talented sister. This kit is way too cute for me NOT to share with her -- and all of you -- and I can't wait to see how many of these little dudes she can make for her Star Wars obsessed husband...I mean her kids, yes, her kids!!

About this product: An out-of-this-world crochet adventure, the Star Wars Crochet kit offers a fun and interactive experience by including a full-color paperback book with step-by-step instructions for crocheting Star Wars' most memorable characters, plus yarn, a crochet hook, a needle, stuffing, and safety eyes. With instructions for twelve different characters and enough materials for two complete projects -- Yoda and a stormtrooper -- your crochet collection can also soon include Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Jabba the Hutt, and many other favorites. Use the force of crafting to create this amazing cast of characters with Star Wars Crochet.

String Art by Klutz

As a blogger that loves to do crafts, I've had my eye on several String Art projects that I'd love to tackle with my kids. But to be honest, I've never known where to start. Sometimes, things just seem to complicated. Well, not anymore. This kit is going to be an awesome Boredom Buster for us this winter. I can already envision adding their cool creations to the new gallery wall that I'm making above the living room couch!

About this product: String art used to be just for squares (and triangles and other geometric shapes), but our new string art system opens up a whole new world of possibilities. From cute critters to fashionable flowers to trendy typography, kids can make everything in the book after learning just three simple methods. The final results may look intricate, but we include an only-from-Klutz pin-pushing tool so even a string-art newbie can create awesome art with this classic craft. And our pin-pusher solves string art's prickliest problems by making sure that every pin goes in straight and at the same height. With instructions for 20 projects and enough materials for six, kids will be making amazing art in no time. Handmade for the Holidays

Catapult Wars by Boy Craft

Although we don't own Catapult Wars yet, it is on my son's Christmas list. He saw it in a magazine the other day and circled it with his Sharpie. My son loves blowing stuff up, flipping things in the air, and in general, making a mess. So I'm not surprised that he would want to build his very own catapult to fling things across the room. I anticipate lots of good old fashioned fun with this one...

With this Boy Craft Catapult Wars Game, you and a friend can build your own catapults and decorate them, then take turns knocking down your opponents targets. This kids catapult allows you to engage in head-to-head combat. The build-your-own catapult set includes 18 wooden pieces, four wooden dowels, two rubber bands, eight mini sand bags, two braided ropes, one sticker sheet, one glue tube, two punch-out target sheets, two foam blocks and easy-to-follow instructions, giving you everything you need to successfully build 2 complete catapults. With this Boy Craft Catapult Wars Game, you can have fun putting together all the pieces and aiming at your opponents targets.