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Updated by Java Developer India on Aug 20, 2019
Headline for Java Is The Perfect Solution For Your Next Software Project
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Java Is The Perfect Solution For Your Next Software Project

Java has influenced the Internet world in numerous ways. The e-commerce stores built on Java is easy to access, highly secure, user-friendly and adaptable. To be precise, it meets the demands of the modern men by providing him a complete practical website.


Why Java is the Most Preferred Artificial Intelligence Programming Language? - Java Blog, Insights & Updates

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most impactful technologies of today’s digital world. It has made complex jobs easy to complete and businesses are implementing it to provide reliable customer services. Machines are able to make decisions independently by using this technology. Errors in doing complicated jobs are reduced and a higher level of accuracy is achieved. AI solutions are based on multiple programming languages like Python, C++, IPL, and Java. But the most preferred programming language among the developers is Java.
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What are the types of drivers Java Database Connectivity offers to Web Developers? - Java Blog, Insights & Updates

JDBC is the abbreviation of Java Database Connectivity. It is an open source API for Java that permits applications to use different databases. With the help of JDBC, developers can create queries and update data to a relational database. It supports Structured Query Language (SQL) as well and is easy to integrate for the smooth performance of web applications. By deploying different types of drivers, it is simple to connect to any database and use its tables, data, files, as well as records. The demand for Java Web Development has grown because of JDBC, and developers can make connections with any database, with the help of SQL statements for advanced processing. Before discussing the different drivers available in JDBC, let’s discuss it in more detail:

Top 5 Java Deployment Tools To Consider For Web Development Project

In this blog, we present five highly recommended open source tools that a developer can use to improve the Java deployment process of big as well as small projects. These tools ease the task of developers and are the best as well as the most-used tools. They are in demand among the developers who have developed plugins, and connectors that can be used in a wide range of situations. In addition to that, these tools can dramatically improve the deployment work assigned to Java development company. They can empower the development team to build better and advanced software in a less stressful working condition. Let us talk about the tools for further information.
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Why Blockchain Adoption is Easier for Enterprises with Java Programming Language?

Blockchain technology has taken the IT industry by storm. It is referred to as a boon for recent times. This technology has a bright future and enterprises are integrating it for their business operations. However, the enterprises would have to transform this technology that would help them in different fields. With its growing popularity, several things became real, for example, payments, E-commerce, and cryptocurrencies. Secure transactions without any complication are the need of every enterprise. However, its adoption is a big challenge that needs to be addressed properly. For this Java is a great platform, it has one of the biggest developer bases in the world. By integrating Java & its community into Blockchain, the task of enterprises looking to adopt it will become easier. Enterprises can outsource Java development company for Blockchain adoption to manage secure transactions as well as a global business. Before discussing the benefits of Java in respect of Blockchain adoption, let’s discuss Blockchain.

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Top Java Frameworks To Use In 2019 For Enterprise Application Development

The popularity of the Java language as the most reliable programming language seems to improve every year. In the year 2019 as well, Java is the most considered language by the programmers to build enterprise-level applications. It is equally beneficial in building other forms of apps comprising web, mobile and many more. A framework is a solution that lets a developer build web applications. It improves productivity by providing a structure to work around.

There are numerous frameworks in Java language are available. But every framework has its own benefits and demerits to offer. By selecting a framework, developers task of building a web application becomes simple. As a developer, you have to select a framework that is suitable for your business needs, not because it has multiple benefits. This is the most common mistakes that actual developers do. In the end, you need an app that is beneficial for your business and that behaves the correct way. In this blog, we will discuss the top Java frameworks.

  1. Spring

Any Java development company would implement this framework for its features to build complex, high-performance enterprise applications. With a basic component structure and configurations, this modern framework is in high-demand to build enterprise-level applications in a very simple manner. Its innovative features like DI (dependency injection) and compatibility with other frameworks including Kotlin make it developers’ favorite.

Spring Framework implements inversion of control (IoC) method and that’s why developers can easily focus on the modules and freeing the other for better flexibility.

To achieve different functionality in a web application, multiple modules are offered like Spring core, Spring AOP, Spring Transaction, and Spring MVC.


Distributed Development Structure

Features to build any Java applications

Boost the Java Web Development work

Multiple layers to build a real-time application


All-inclusive development and configuration structure

Feature to support traditional and latest database like NoSQL

Offer backward compatibility and code testability

IoC can be used for the Loose coupling

Enables cohesive development with the support of Aspect-Oriented Programming

Implements JBDC abstraction layer for incredible development hierarchy


A bit complicated to learn, as most people struggle with Dependency Injection feature

Developers have to remain updated to meet the business requirements as configurations keep on changing.

Although DI has its own strengths, still it makes the project dependent on the framework.
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Top 10 Applications Built Using Java - JavaIndia Blog

Java is a programming language that runs on any platform. Its open-source’ ecosystem is healthy and strong. Being a fast and powerful language, it is widely used by Java developers for building websites, applications, and interactive videos, etc. Till now, thousands of apps have been developed using this platform. The demand for Java Web development services has increased with the development of scientific applications, discussed in the blog. Here, are the top 10 java applications that enormously changed the entire java world.

  1. JPC

The JPC is a pure JAVA evaluation of an x86 PC (a family of backward-compatible instruction set architectures) with complete virtual peripherals. Wherever is the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), whether it is a set-top box, RISC, mobile phone, or even the refrigerator, it can run safely and that too with bulletproof security and stability of Java technology.

JPC helps to build a virtual PC upon which it is easy to install your desired operating system in a secure, flexible and versatile manner. It offers complete control over the favorite software’s execution environment. JPC’s high-end security makes it compatible with any hardware or operating system. With advanced security, it is the safest solution for running and protecting your computer device from malicious or suspicious software.
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