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What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy stays put on your credit record for quite a long time making advancing in life incredibly difficult. The articles are tailor-made for all those individuals who are thinking of filing for bankruptcy and need information regarding the bankruptcy filing process.

Shaw Gidley - Bankruptcy Central Coast, Australia

Shaw Gidley is an Australian based company that helps business owners get through the insolvency maze. They understands that each matter is a unique set of circumstances and requires a tailored solution.

How to File & Declare Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is a serious action with long-term financial consequences. In order to file bankruptcy successfully you must observe federal and state bankruptcy laws and regulations, whether or not you use the services of an attorney.

The Truth About Bankruptcy | eHow

A lot of misconceptions exist about bankruptcy, and consumer watchdog organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission work to promote only accurate information about this debt-relief process. Common myths about bankruptcy include that it can take care of every type of debt and that you lose everything you own including your pet dog once you...

What is Bankruptcy Protection?

When an individual or business is unable to make payment to creditors to pay off their debts, they can file for bankruptcy protection under the bankruptcy laws of the United States. For an individual, bankruptcy protection may involve either a cancellation of most debts, along with the selling off of some of their assets, or a structured plan to pay down the debts that are owed.

How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. For many people who are completely over their head in debt, filing for bankruptcy can provide relief and a fresh financial start. Most United States citizens are only able to file for either Chapter 7...

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Bankruptcy

The first step, of course, is to take the hard decision of filing for bankruptcy. Although filing is a difficult step to take, the real impact of bankruptcy is felt after the filing process is complete, and the slow and challenging period of recovery starts.

Manage Your Debt Absolutely: Bankruptcy

This article is written in response to the myriad of questions I have been asked by hundreds of clients who have come to my office over the past 30 years seeking debt relief of their financial matters.

Inertia May Decide Fate of Proposed Changes to Bankruptcy Law

The last week was awash in retail bankruptcy filings - two of particular note. The one that got the most media attention was American Apparel. The good news is that the bankruptcy filing might end the company's seemingly interminable fights with Dov Charney, its founder and former chief executive.