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8 Things You Need to Know Before Borrowing Money

Most individuals will need to borrow money at some point to drift them over in an emergency, to purchase items or to fund something.

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What Are the Benefits of Borrowing Money?

Taking on additional debt creates understandable concerns for most people, because all credit comes at the cost of interest. Judicious borrowing focuses on using debt to finance or invest in things that provide long-term benefits, such as purchasing a first home rather than financing a home entertainment system.

How to Borrow Money from a Friend?

Borrowing money from a friend seems like it should be easier, safer, and more flexible than trying to get a bank loan or some other less personal option. However, adding money to a friendship can be a...

How to Borrow Money Online?

There are a few internet sites that match individuals with money to learn and borrowers of money. Some of these services charge interest rate and others don't charge any interests. Entrepreneurs can borrow from sites that specialize in financing businesses. Users can borrow from family members and from "Social Friends" on other sites....

The Effects of Borrowing Money?

Borrowing money is part of the American experience. As of 2010, the total amount of consumer debt in the United States was nearly $2.4 trillion, according to That number does not include investment debt such as mortgages and business loans. Most Americans borrow money casually via credit cards and consumer loans, but fewer people...

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The Etiquette of Borrowing and Lending Money

Whether you're a borrower or a lender, loans between friends and family members can get complicated very quickly. Borrowed money creates a layer of tension and can strain the strongest of relationships, despite the best of intentions. Is it possible to borrow or loan money and keep your relationship intact?

8 Etiquette Tips On Borrowing And Lending Money

Posted: You often hear the phrase "money talks" - but why is so hard to actually talk about money? "Money is something very personal. Some people work really hard to make ends meet and it becomes a sensitive topic," says Carey McBeth, an etiquette specialist based in Vancouver.