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Headline for Superman: Essays on the Man of Steel
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Superman: Essays on the Man of Steel

Was John Carter the inspiration for the creation of Superman? - Quora

Not THE inspiration, but AN inspiration. Siegel and Shuster made several versions of Superman until they got it right.

What is the difference between the Pre-Crisis version of Superman and Post-Crisis version of Superman? - Quora

The meaning of Crisis changed DC Comics forever.

This is Kal-L, also known as the Golden Age Superman. He didn't fly. He ran everywhere and jumped 1/8 of a mile. Through the power of inflation, he would eventually become the most powerful hero on Earth.

What department of the US government would be concerned with people with super powers, if they existed? - Quora

Concerned? More like wetting their collective pants. ‚Äč

Governments are fearful, pathetic things, mostly composed of individuals seeking to retain access to whatever powers their roles in office afford them. Imagine, for a moment, if a being such as Superman were to exist on our Earth.

Thaddeus Howze's answer to When did Superman gain the power to fly and was there a good explanation? - Quora

Leaping made for slow stories...

Short Answer: Because it took too long to cross town in 700 foot leaps.

Thaddeus Howze's answer to Which superheroes can defeat Superman? - Quora

You don't tug on Superman's Cape. You just don't do it. Few superheroes in the DC Universe would even consider entering the ring with Big Blue.


No powers, no cape, no money, no problem Superman isn't completely super. Almost Superman doesn't have the same ring, though. If you have been reading the Man of Steel recently, you may have discovered he doesn't have his full range of abilities any longer. Hence the motorcycle, biker shirt, jeans, boots and military style crew cut.