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Updated by Steve Dineley on Nov 10, 2015
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What You Need To Know About Window Tinting

Window tinting for vehicles continues to be extremely popular and it’s understandable to see why. For one thing, installing window film can have a great effect on the appearance of your vehicle, leaving it looking very stylish and more valuable. However, whilst aesthetics are a huge part of the appeal of window tinting, there are many other benefits to window film that you should know about:


Window film reduces glare and makes driving more comfortable

On a sunny day, glare from the sun not only makes it difficult to see whilst driving, but can also strain your eyes and increase fatigue. Tinted windows can also help to decrease dazzle from vehicle headlights at night.


Window tinting helps to improve energy efficiency

As tinted windows can reject as much as 57% of solar heat energy, your car does not heat up as quickly as it would with standard windows. This means that air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, therefore, reducing your fuel and servicing costs.


Tinted windows also increase safety

In case of an accident, as window film is applied to the inside of a window, if a window does break, the film helps to hold shards of glass together, considerably reducing the likelihood of glass coming into contact with the driver or passengers. Whilst tinted glass is harder to push in from the outside, tinted windows can be pushed out from the inside of a vehicle so there is no need to fear being trapped.


Installing window film can help increase vehicle security

Installing window film can help increase vehicle security

First of all, window tinting prevents thieves from being able to see into your vehicle easily. However, the security benefit of window film goes much further than this – tinted windows are much more difficult to break from the outside, so a thief will have a hard time trying to get into your car through a window.


Window tinting helps to protect the interior of your car

More than half of the damage caused to vehicle interiors is from sun damage; ultraviolet rays and solar heat. When you have paid a lot of money for vehicle with expensive upholstery and carpeting, it can be very frustrating to watch it fade over time. One of the main benefits of installing window film to your car is that tinted windows reject as much as 99% of UV rays and 57% of solar energy, so the interior of your vehicle is much less likely to be damaged. Should you decide to sell your vehicle, it is likely to keep its value, in terms of interior trim and upholstery.