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Updated by Waterside Windows on Nov 10, 2015
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The Biggest Benefits of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

When it comes to finding the right solution to open up your home to your garden, aluminium bi-fold doors are amongst the most popular. We have put together a list of the top reasons for choosing bi-fold doors for your property:


Bi-fold doors look great

Aluminium bi-fold doors provide a highly contemporary look that is ideally suited to modern style new builds. However, due to their considerable versatility, bi-fold doors can also work well in older period properties and are available in a wide variety of different colours and finishes.


They are safe and secure

Aluminium bi-fold doors are extremely secure and are often fitted with multi-point locks as standard, however, it is also relatively easy to upgrade bi-fold security features. In addition to this, aluminium is a very strong material that creates a secure base even before complex locking mechanisms are considered. Bi-fold doors are commonly chosen for both domestic and commercial environments due to their security. As modern engineering advances, aluminium bi-fold doors will only increase in terms of security.


Bi-fold doors are very practical

Whereas sliding doors will only open on one half and French doors will open out or in, bi-folding doors can open completely, folding and stacking neatly and orderly on each side of the frame. This means that people can move freely through open doors rather than avoiding obstacles. In a more confined space, for example, a patio or balcony, bi-fold doors are extremely advantageous as the maximum amount of space is made available.


They are low maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of aluminium bi-fold doors is that they require only minimum maintenance to keep them looking good and functioning well for years. All that is required is an occasional dash of oil and a window clean whenever needed.


They can add value to your property

They can add value to your property

It is a popular choice to install aluminium bi-fold doors in order to add value to a home. A large opening to the rear of a property that is designed to let plenty of light in can be a fantastic addition to a home and a real selling point. For this reason, bi-fold doors are increasingly common in both renovations and new build properties.


They open up a room

One of the most popular reasons for installing bi-fold doors is that they can make a room seem much larger as they can fill even massive spaces, letting in lots of light. Whilst internal bi-fold doors are popular to split up a large room, most people would argue that their biggest benefit is opening up a room to the outdoors, whether directly onto your garden, or perhaps a balcony with a view. In seconds, bi-fold doors can be opened up and folded away to leave a large open space to the outdoors.