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Updated by Paul Wick on Nov 10, 2015
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Equipment You Must Have While Going Scuba Diving in Maldives – Underwater Exploration

Maldives is known to have one of the most picturesque underwater settings. Below is a list of equipment that one will need when embarking on this journey of discovery below the waves.



Diving gear is usually big and bulky and it is common to simply rent them before your diving expedition. If you however you want to purchase that one piece of equipment it should be the mask. The mask is the most important equipment for divers and it is very important that the mask fits the face well and is comfortable to wear. Hence investing in a good quality, well-fitting mask can really go a long way in your overall comfort in experiencing the underwater world and will be worth the money especially if you are a keen diver. A mask protects the eyes from the salty water and helps divers see clearly underwater.



When you are underwater, you need to swim comfortably and glide through the water much like a fish. Most divers also prefer owning fins to again ensure a proper fit and comfort. However these can also be readily rented from the best Maldives resorts for diving. When selecting a fin consider lengths, styles, and stiffness, depending on your diving or swimming techniques. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas is one resort where you can get more information regarding diving equipment and dive excursions.


Dive Computer

A dive computer is an essential piece of equipment that help divers calculate their "no-decompression" limits on the dive tables. Dive computers help to reduce the risk of decompression sickness by writing a custom dive profile for the dive as the diver moves through the water. It is important to note that you cannot borrow a friend's dive computer because small differences between divers' underwater profiles can change their no-decompression limits. You need to have access to your own dive computer.


Wetsuit / Dry Suit

If you want to go underwater you need appropriate attire and a wetsuit or a dry suit is compulsory. A wet suit or a dry suit regulates your temperature underwater and keeps you comfortable. If you have a rather uncommon size it is best to purchase your own, but some resorts will let you rent out these items.



One of the most expensive pieces of equipment are regulators which are usually rented. Regulators give you the required amount of air underwater and the newer ones are very reliable.



Underwater accessories usually carried by divers include dive knives, underwater lights, whistles and surface marker buoys for surface communication. Along with this are devices that help to create signals underwater such as tank bangers and writing slates. Most diving accessories are usually purchased but the common ones are available for renting as well.



Weights are yet another important part of the diving experience and are usually provided by the boat. If you are opting for an independent diving excursion, it is better if you purchase your own weights.



Like weights, tank rentals are usually included in the price of diving with a dive shop or dive boat. However, this too has to be purchased if you are embarking on an independent dive.