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Lotto news 8th December 2015

Lotto news for 8th December 2015 show a wide variety of stories ranging from a woman who loses her winning from a selfie taken to a christmas stocking filled with lottery tickets. You can also read about raining lotto winners, sports betting odds soaring and sunny spells forecast for lotto winners

Lotteries fill charity stockings this Christmas | Lotto News

Lotteries around the world work within their home country or state to use the jackpot lotto prizes for benevolent endeavors as opposed to just a quick scratch off and a payout each week.

It's raining "lotto" winners | Lotto News

Lotto winner prizes don't grow on trees, but they did fall from the sky like a burst of rain in one huge, jackpot lotto result, grand prize draw this month. In the PA lottery Cash 5 lottery draw game this weekend there were five jackpot loto winning tickets sold with an additional 100 thousand further winners across the grand lottery weekend.

Sports Betting Lottery odds soar - Lotto News

Loto-Quebec has bought smiles to a lot of Quebecers faces as they announced the better odds for sports betting customers as well simplification in how people can buy the tickets. The grand lottery company has increased the payout rate for their sports betting events from around 84 per cent up to over 90 with their Mise-o-jeu+ online jackpot lotto app.

Sunny spells forecast for lottery? | Lotto News

Lottery forecast looks to the future with key focus on vendors, mobile lottery and the differing laws across various emerging markets around the world. What's the reason people play the lottery? Why do people from all corners of the globe play their chances in the grand prize draw?

The dangers of selfie promotion when winning a lottery | Lotto News

However, an Australian woman recently found out the hard way when she lost around $900 when someone stole her winnings by using an image of her and her winning ticket on Facebook.

Could Ohio Lottery bring over 100 people happiness in one year? | Lotto News

Since the beginning of 2015, the OH lottery has created an incredible 95 lotto winning people in the state with their Rolling Cash 5 loto 5 game. The recent Thursday lotto grand prize draw for the Rolling Cash 5 game saw a huge jackpot lotto result worth $381,000 which may take the total of lotto winning players to over a 100 for the whole year.

Lottery winners amazingly emulate their professions | Lotto News

Most loto winning enthusiasts who win big on their local lottery, whether it's the Mega Sena, Hoosier Lottery, megamillions or Texas Lotto, just claim the jackpot lotto prize.

Lead us now not into (lotto) temptation | Lotto News

In 2015 we live in a world of constant temptation, whether it's checking our smartphones, heading for a beer after work or resisting the next level on the latest jeux xbox 360.

One in eleven lotto millionaires may be a ghost | Lotto News

The National Lottery jackpot draw created a lucky list of 10 lotto winning players all of whom became millionaires as the lotto televised results were announced.

Lottery feels the hand of god, but which one? | Lotto News

If there really is a god or spiritual cluster of cosmic particles then which one provides the best odds in the next Wednesday lotto euromillions results or the best chance of claiming the grand prize draw loto TV result in the National Lottery Saturday lotto?

Sense of self worth proves lucky | Lotto News

In today's society we have an awful lot of other people to worry about outside just your immediate friends and family; there are refugees, adverts for charities you should donate to, the elderly neighbor down the road, the polar bears, tigers and elephants and even doctors and nurses in the NHS.

Lotto playing taps into emotional side | Lotto News

Is it more beneficial to play the Hoosier Lottery when you're full of joy, or test your patience on the mega sena resultado when you're angry?

Luxury lotto played by remote | Lotto News

The newest lucky lotto winner in the Oregon Lottery not only scooped a whopping 6.4 million dollars in a Monday lotto game in August; he did it remotely from over 7,000 miles away in Iraq.

What's can be worse when playing lotto? | Lotto News

The concept of winning usually means that somebody is successful in their endeavor or in the case of a jackpot lotto game, it means they have become the lucky recipient in a sum of money they didn't own before.

Home is where the lotto is | Lotto News

A number of reports on homeless people winning the lottery appear shocked that homeless people can afford to "waste" their money on a dalliance with fate, but surely people in such a situation deserve a chance as much as anyone?

Lotto Video not as murderous believed | Lotto News

It's not always known how truthful musicians are, Mick Jagger once told us he couldn't get any satisfaction but after a 50-year career and countless millions, a few people would beg to differ.

Who needs lotto luck when you've got instinct? | Lotto News

However, for 'the luckiest woman' they know, according to her neighbours in Laurinburg, becoming the loto winner of North Carolina Education Lottery's latest grand prize draw was as simple as breathing.

Jackpot draw prize literally wows lotto winner | Lotto News

"I can't believe it" or "my life has changed forever" are pretty common as are less family friendly exclamations like "oh my fkness" or "blow me down with a goose pker". There are even heartfelt utterings about how important the lotto winner prize money will be for a mother's hip replacement or how the Euromillions result is going to pay for the education of a lotto winner's children.

What a lucky (lotto) ducker! | Lotto News

In a Friday lotto grand prize draw on 13 November, a loto winning ticket matched all the Mega Millions numbers to score a huge $200,000,000 jackpot winner prize.

Off the holiday debt leash | Lotto News

We've all be in a position where we really wanted to do something with a friend but didn't have the cash up front and had to decline and spend the weekend moping about the house dreaming of becoming a lotto winner.

Canadians gear up for maximum lottery | Lotto News

Maybe it's the cold weather, maybe it's to counteract the cuts and bruises from the ice hockey pitch or maybe it's because of how a moose gave them a shifty eye last time they were out for a walk and they want to move to a less moosey neighbourhood.

Lottery keeps it all in the family | Lotto News

The PC media often publish shiny pictures with a smiling lotto winner holding an oversized jackpot lotto result cheque and portraying a sense of joy only a megamillions win can bring.