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Beauty and health

Jet Pulse Plus+ Facial | Cambridge Therapeutics

Combining Pore Refining Technology with XF™ Pulse Light System from Japan, Jet Pulse Plus is a combination therapy that is configured to reduce enlarged pores, lighten pigmentation and solve pimple woes.
Following Cambridge’s “No Manual Extraction” policy, this treatment achieves brighter, more radiant skin using the latest Medical Technology. Jet Pulse Plus is exclusively formulated for Cambridge and focuses on Asian skin, adopting the big success of breakthrough Photo-Pneumatic therapy.

Cost of eyebag surgery

Cost for eye-bag removal varies. It usually sits around $3000. But this depends on which country you do it and which doctor you go for. The $3000 is if you do it in Singapore.

Breast augmentation and implant cost Singapore.

Before/After Before and after images are some of the most accurate ways to see what happens after breast augmentation. Most of the pictures I've found so far are from overseas.

Hair Restoration Program

Kowayo's Hair Restoration Therapy is the perfect hair loss treatment in Singapore. It combats hair loss and thinning with a clinically proven hair loss remedy. Hair regrowth factors are administered into the scalp to treat the cause of hair loss at their root level.

Signature: Breast Augmentation | Cambridge Cosmetic Surgery

Silicone or saline breasts implants are inserted over or under the chest muscles, via incisions through the armpits, areola or along the crease of the breasts. They are available in various sizes and shapes (round and tear-drop), so it is important to discuss with your surgeon in order to choose the best implants for your body shape and desired look.

Liposuction - A Crash Course

Liposuction is an elective surgical procedure to eliminate smaller fat bulges that diet and exercise can't resolve. It also improves the body's appearance. It's most frequently completed on the hips, stomach, upper thighs, glutes, and face. Liposuction surgery doesn't remove cellulite, just fat. How Is Liposuction Accomplished?

Scarless double eyelid surgery | Fold your eyelids - eyelids surgery

The doctors can easily show you how you would look with double eyelids. You can see her full experience of scarless double eyelid surgery.

Food Choices for a Slim Face | The Beauty Within

You know that facial exercises can help to slim down your face, but what about the diet? Part of losing weight is all about the food choices you make. Here are four great food choices to make throughout the day to help slim your face.

Cambridge Therapeutics Singapore review

Human body consists of 60% water, 30% protein and 20% collagen. Collagen plays an essential role in supporting the skin structure and it's elasticity. Our collagen level reaches its peak before the age of 25, and it drops drastically after that.

Simple sculptra review

We all want to keep youth forever. And we all struggle for the eternal beauty. Mainly, though, women are those, who keep trying and trying reversing the time, stopping the clock and mainly remaining young and beautiful. There were only non-working or hardly dangerous ways in the past that females accepted to achieve their appearance goals.

Facelift in Singapore. Thread Lift and V Lift Some Real Life Before/After Photos: | My Facelift Advices. The Best Thr...

Medical science has made it very easy for us to get the nice looking gua zi lian these days. Problem is which method to use. I tried botox for a little while to shrink the muscles around my lower jaw area. It gave me a much more defined look when combined with fillers on the upper cheeks.

Ms Oinkee loves

I knew about Cambridge Medical Group via the Social Media. Apparently it was like a favourite hangout for the socialites and celebrities. Definitely with this group of atas clientele, I would assume Cambridge to be on the high end, but I had heard so many good things about them I decided it was worth a visit .

Cambridge Therapeutics Sculptra PLLA Youth Restorative - We Are One

Cambridge Theurapeutics Review. Yuki and I were the victims of sagging cheeks due to orthodontics treatments.

Hair & Scalp Strengthening

Combining the best of cell science with new enriched formulas, Kowayo's Hair & Scalp Strenghtening is a hair loss remedy recommended for the maintenance of

Cheek fillers – all the benefits

There is no woman, who is completely pleased with what she sees in the mirror. There is always something that can be done, repaired, removed or added. We`re going to talk about additions today, so if you are up to lose some weight and remove some belly mass, this is not your reading. This is mostly a reading for women, who are charming and fitted enough, but still have some genetic issues with their looks. They smile and they laugh, but there is something not so ok with their face part around month or to tell it clearly – they need some cheek fillers.

Why thigh liposuction is your best choice?

They say liposuction is a procedure that you can make anywhere on your body. Personally I have even heard about obsessed women over their weight, who have made liposuction on their ankles. I do not believe that this is the smartest choice a woman with fat problems can do. And I do not even thing that this can be a liposuction at all...After all, when it comes to liposuction, it is supposed to correct your worst place or...the place of your body that will minimize the look of the other body elements by a visual illusion.

The Beauty Within

You know that facial exercises can help to slim down your face, but what about the diet? Anything High in Fiber. This helps to slim down your face quickly.

Common mistakes

One of my friends had her double-eyelid surgery. ​Once again, this relates to cost, the lowest for this surgery in Singapore for now. Prices might go up soon.

Aqua JET Therapy

AquaJET Therapy reduces Acne scars. With regular treatment, expect healthy looking rejuvenated skin.

SIGNATURE V Face Thread Lift

V Face Thread Lift uses ultra-fine Korean threads that are completely dissolvable. These innovative face lift threads have a dual effect of lifting and

Ms Oinkee loves

Hi Cathryn, I would like to check if you had done any follow-up Sculptra treatment at Cambridge after your 1st treatment? I understand that you had shared that the doctored informed that 3 sessions would be ideal. May I ask how long did the 1st treatment last in your case? Thank you for reading this and look forward to your response.

Comparison of Clinics

​   Every face comes in various shapes and sizes, and the ideal one of this era is the V shape face. Popularized due to the female Korean celebrities, more and more girls are striving for a V shape face of their own. It is widely believed that a V shape face gives a more feminine look, since the jawline would be more refined and the chin sharper. A symbol of youth can also be associated with V shape face, which is a huge reason why it is so desired among young girls.

Before & After

This is me. Before on the left and After is on the right. You can't see it as clearly in the photos but my eyebags are a LOT better than they were before I did the surgery.

Breast Enhancement Singapore – Should I Be Scared?

Men usually lie by saying that the first thing they see in a woman is the look or the eyes...But why are they deluding us and meanwhile want from us to be as perfect as they want us to be...Weird, but men are weird anyway and in case the following lines will sound intriguing and thrilling for you, we home you`ll make up your mind for breast enhancement in Singapore in the sake of your own comfort and confidence, but not because of a man...