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Updated by Fiona Beal on Nov 10, 2015
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Useful Microsoft posts this week #26

The Internet is currently full of posts about using Microsoft products effectively in the classroom. Here are a number of them from this past week:

daily edventures | A student’s story: How OneNote changed a life – Kyle Madinger, Canada

A student’s story: How OneNote changed a life – Kyle Madinger, Canada

Minecraft used to teach children molecular chemistry - BBC News

Undergraduates at Hull University have created a new Minecraft world to teach molecular chemistry to schoolchildren. 'Minecraft used to teach children molecular chemistry' This is not the first time Minecraft has been used to engage children with scientific topics.

10 Simple Tips to Protect PC from Viruses - Windows Tips

If your PC is infected, it can suddenly turn off, found that certain files are missing or do not open! Here, I have 10 Simple Tips to Protect PC from Viruses

OneNote to Rule them All

OneNote is a free tool which works online through a web browser, or through apps for mobile devices, or as a desktop software (it's also part of Microsoft Office 2013). And it's available to users ...

How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read

Brecht Vandenbroucke Minecraft is the hot new videogame among teachers and parents. It's considered genuinely educational: Like an infinite set of programmable Lego blocks, it's a way to instill spatial reasoning, math, and logic—the skills beloved by science and technology educators. But from what I've seen, it also teaches something else: good old-fashioned reading and…

8 things you (probably) didn't know about OneNote | Blog

No need to say OneNote is a great tool. OneNote goes further than taking one note. It allows you to save documents in the cloud, share and collaborate with peers, to present, to create multimedial documents and much much more.This is how I use OneNote in my classroom. In this article I'll show some features you probable never heard of. For those who want to get started with OneNote, read this quick guide.

OneNote: creating digital textbooks | Blog

The writer says, "1 year ago I discovered OneNote, thanks to a Microsoft Global Forum and Belgium's PIL manager. When it concerns software I use on daily base, I'm not a super early adopter but I gave it a try. I decided to shift to MS OneNote. Why? Because the tools is free and because it seemed to offer a solution to the issues earlier mentioned. To my opinion: it also offers more structure to your content than Word does."

12 Windows shortcuts every educator should know - Microsoft in Education Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Empowering every student to achieve more. Technology allows us to dream of what the future of education could be. Learning is changing and students today need to be able to collaborate, communicate and demonstrate flexibility in how they solve problems in order to thrive and achieve their goals.

At Microsoft, we believe providing quality education to the 1.4 billion students around the world is essential to the future of our society. Effective, immersive learning experiences inspire students to demonstrate creative thinking. The right technology can empower education, inspire learning anywhere, and unlock the potential of students, educators, and schools. To make this technology available worldwide we partner with education communities, delivering solutions, services and programs that enhance learning and school management.

Microsoft in education empowers educators to... (see rest of article)

SchoolNet SA - IT's a Great Idea: Office Lens – this amazing Microsoft portable scanning app is useful in the classroom…

Office Lens is basically a portable scanner in your pocket, allowing you to capture pictures of whiteboards, documents, and receipts to save and edit them digitally. The beauty of Office Lens as opposed to other scanning applications is that Microsoft offers integration with Microsoft Office.

Anthony Salcito's Teacher Hero

We all have a teacher that took the time and showed the interest in us to help us see that we are unique, inspired us to achieve more, be more and be confide...

MinecraftEDU & SimCityEDU: Interdisciplinary Learning

MinecraftEDU & SimCityEDU call for skills that transcend curricular boundaries & replicate the real-world intellectual challenges that students will face.

Getting the most out of Skype Translator

Recently we talked about how Skype Translator can help you communicate in a language other than your own. In my opinion it’s an amazing bit of technology, one of those things that makes you pause and think “I’m living in the future!” If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a short video to show you…

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