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Home Buyer Resources

An on-going list of home buyer resources. Topics include understanding the home buying process, tips for finding your dream home, working with a real estate agent, and much more.

How To Avoid Overpaying for A Home!

Learn how to calculate house value by defining a fair price and looking at comparable properties, then be sure you don't overpay for the home you want.

Building Family Wealth Over The Next 5 Years

One way to dramatically increase family wealth is through the acquisition of real estate… If you are looking to better your family’s long-term financial situation, buying your dream home could be a great option!

8 Things NOT TO DO In Your Quest to Buy A House

Just because you have been pre-approved and have your dream home under contract doesn’t mean you can sit back and assume the home is yours. While most of the hard work is done, there are still some things you need to avoid to not have delays in your journey to home-ownership. Here are eight things that you should try to AVOID once you are under contract to buy a home/property...

The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

With so much information readily available online, clients sometimes ask me, "Why should we hire a real estate agent?" They wonder, and rightfully so, if they couldn't buy or sell a home through the Internet or through regular marketing and advertising channels without representation, without a a real estate agent. So if you've wondered the same thing, here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider hiring a professional real estate agent.

8 Ways Real Estate Is Your Smartest Investment

Here are eight reasons why investing in income-producing real estate is an excellent choice for protecting and growing your wealth!

4 Tips to Determine How Much Mortgage You Can Afford

By knowing how much mortgage you can handle, you can ensure that homeownership will fit in your budget. Homeownership should make you feel safe and secure, and that includes financially. Be sure you can afford your home by calculating how much of a mortgage you can safely fit into your budget.

Why You Should Stop Renting & Buy Today!

There are many young people debating whether they should renew the lease on their apartment or sign a contract to purchase their first home. Whether you rent or buy, you have a monthly housing cost. Every mortgage payment is a form of what Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies calls "forced savings."

7 Tips for Improving Your Credit

Here's how to clean up your credit so you get the least-expensive home loan possible. Getting the loan that suits your situation at the best possible price and terms makes homebuying easier and more affordable. Here are seven ways to boost your credit score so you can do just that.

7 Homeowner Tax Advantages

When you're evaluating how much home you can afford, make sure you factor in the tax advantages of homeownership. Owning a home can be a real help at tax time because it generates deductions that may reduce the income tax you owe. Here are seven tax benefits for homeowners.

How to Assess the Real Cost of a Fixer-Upper House

When you buy a fixer-upper house, you can save a ton of money, or get yourself in a financial fix. Trying to decide whether to buy a fixer-upper house? Follow these seven steps, and you'll know how much you can afford, how much to offer, and whether a fixer-upper house is right for you.

Home Buying and Selling Calendar

This step-by-step infographic created by demystifies the home buying and selling process for anyone in the market.

8 Tips for Finding Your New Home

A solid game plan can help you narrow your homebuying search to find the best home for you. House hunting is just like any other shopping expedition. If you identify exactly what you want and do some research, you'll zoom in on the home you want at the best price.