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You have heard about India's glorious culture, you know it to be the destination for yoga, rejuvenation, for its wealth of ancient art and architecture, its ornate palaces and majestic forts. Did you know it is one of the greatest destinations for adventure? That it is a paradise to pursue your special interests?

Trekking Adventure Holidays in India, Trekking Tours Company

You know you have scaled the heights when the grass is green right beneath your feet. Now that's the reward for your endurance. Every huff and puff made good for, by the sheer beauty of nature, surrounded by breathtaking valleys, rainforests, picturesque plantations, lakes, rivers and the wealth of wildlife.

Cycling Adventure Holidays in India, BiCycle Touring

Take your sensory organs on a tour and etch every sight and sound deep in your memory. Feel the gentle breeze brush past your face as you pedal down winding mountains, glistening rivers, the green fields and plantations with the sun as a beautiful golden ball, the chirping birds and the scent of the wet earth keeping you company.

Royal Enfield Adventure Holidays in India, Bike Touring

You wiped it squeaky clean, you changed the filters, checked the oil and fixed every loose nut because it all matters and when you finally hear the gentle roar of the engine as it comes to life, it is music to your ears.

Wildlife Adventure Holidays in India, Wildlife Tourism India

Behold the symbiosis of the elements of nature and marvelous animal communities living in perfect harmony with each other. Treat your senses to the sights, smells and touch of the pristine wilderness and give back by way of increased respect and care for its precarious balance. ;

Birding Watching Adventure Holidays in India, Bird Tourism India

Balmy weather, plenty of fresh water lakes and a canopy of green forests make for an ideal stop over for many large, winged beauties that have spread their wings across oceans.

Himalaya Adventure Holidays in India, Trekking Tours

A mixed bag of adventure, where the terrain and the visual appeal have decided the best way for you to enjoy nature. Cycle down quiet roads by the beach, catch a glimpse of the local life as you go kayaking along the peaceful backwaters, put your endurance to test as you scale the heights on a trekking trail and at the end of it all relax your mind and body on the shores of a sunny beach.

Photography Adventure Holidays in India, Photo Tours

Have the curiosity to try the untried? Or is your idea of small talk an exchange of deep-rooted ideas and fantasies? Experience out of the ordinary tours where people with like minds and interest meet and embark on experiences worth a lifetime. ;