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Magento 2 Extension

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Magento Language Translation Extension: The Best Way to Translate Store Content

If you are looking to setup a multilingual Magento store, a suitable language translation extension can be the best way to get your Magento store content translated.

Magento 2 Track Order Extension, Tracking Orders Status

Developed in Magento 2, Track Order Extension is specifically to know the current status of orders & shipments with order number and email address.

We offer Australia Post Shipping extension with excellent features!

Australia Post Shipping extension in Magento 2 has been developed to allow you to ship parcels and letters online by fetching live rates from australia post.

Odoo Ecommerce vs. Magento: Which One is Better?

Want to set up your ecommerce store? Should you choose Magento, the leader go with Odoo Ecommerce, the new kid on the block? Find out here.

Magento 2 StarTrack Shipping Extension, Shipping Charges to Australia

Give your online store customers another shipping option by installing Magento 2 StarTrack Shipping Extension. This extension will automatically fetch shipping services and corresponding charges from StarTrack as per the products' dimensions and attract more Australian customers to buy products from your store.

Magento 2 Australia Post Shipping Extension, Parcel Shipping Rate

Australia Post Shipping Extension for Magento 2 to add domestic and global parcel shipping rates in your online e-commerce store! Manage handling charges, signature on delivery, extra cover charges and many more things for product shipping. Enhance the online shopping experience of your buyers by adding Australia Post Shipping extension in your e-commerce store!

How To Be Focused On Sales Management On-The-Move?

Availability of customer information in real time and from any location enables a strong business window for adopting a mobile solution.The vastly different gains of various mobile CRM apps as well as the changing matrix of devices retard an otherwise easy business decision.

Ever Imagined Why Healthcare Sectors Integrate CRM With WordPress? Here’s Why!

Are you in the healthcare industry? Does your WordPress website leave you behind when it comes to customer satisfaction? This can be easily fixed by offering your WP customers the benefit of SugarCRM and WordPress integration in the form of a dedicated SugarCRM Customer Portal which they can access from their WP interface. Better and automated system, making their business function smoother and faster.

Delivery Date Scheduler: Manage Delivery Slots as per Your Convenience

Delivery Date Scheduler, a modern yet prolific product helps online store owners set estimated dates as per their requirement. Make delivery options flexible!

Newly Updated Key Attractions Of Magento 2

Providing best-in-class web & mobile solutions is never a cakewalk! Elements such as needs or desires, associated with resources, experiences and expertise make it for the challenging creations. Picking an ideal solution partner can help you with the most advanced updates; and all these should be looked after with enhancements. Magento 2 is one such updated platform, that offers next generation solutions for web and mobile both!

Online T-shirt Design Tool: Diversified Opportunities In Customizing T-shirts

Revolution – the word brings to the great shift! It has expanded in various wings of shopping opportunities by giving personalized solutions to online stores, especially eCommerce. As we know that, eCommerce stores are booming these days on leaps and bounds, it is evident to keep pace with innovative things; this helps establish your store in a futuristic way. “One size fits all” – this has been often heard by the buyers!

Meet the Bloom of Ecommerce Market - MageMob POS

MageMob POS is the ultimate eCommerce solution used by online stores to fulfill their objectives. Merchants owning eCommerce stores consider this intuitive application as a boon for their online store. You can now actually take your online store anywhere you go. Yes, it is true! Simply download this magnificent app through your Android tablet or iPad, configure it with your online store and you are done. Go anywhere; you can still access your online store through this feature-packed application.

Avoid Losing your Sales by Tracking Admin Activities

Here is the “Good News” for all the store owners who are seeking a solution to find the reason of losing sales and valuable customers. Finding the reason/mystery and resolving the issue is really important for the store owners. We introduce you to an extremely easy and helpful Magento extension that offers a detailed view of the admin activity log of the web store. Thus, analyzing and finding out the aspects to be improved is really simple with this comprehensive store solution.

Remove the Language Barrier this Festive Season!

Language is the biggest barrier when eCommerce promotion is considered across the globe. In other words, language is the biggest challenge any eCommerce marketer has to come across. The business owners willing to expand their empire by promoting in the non-English countries can now sit back and rest assure as we have crafted an unbeatable Magento solution for cross-country extension promotion.

Magento 2 - The Safe and Secure Update for Entire eCommerce Industry!

Finally the most awaited Magento update is here. We are glad to announce that Magento 2 is ready to serve eCommerce industry with extensive features and impeccable benefits. Online store companies are excited to experience the change offered by the new version. Websites that are currently running on version 1.9 need no pre-preparations to switch to the new version.

Customized Product Selling - The Latest Ecommerce Trend

If you are the one who believe on this, you cannot take off your eyes from the trend of worldwide market! With the proliferation of social media and online media, trends and preferences keep changing their paradigm very frequently. Giving businesses a real challenge to stay connected with the customers and keep pace with the shifting trend.

Receiving Low Response Rates while Surveying Customers - Know Why!

Most of the time, customers avoid to answer surveys thinking it would eat up their valuable time. Are the organizations sending questionnaires and considering responses on the serious note? When it’s all about the big data, ignorance has no room. Survey can be a game changer if done correctly. Manage the contact list to build the strategies and decisions creating win-win situation!

Tell Your Mobile When to Go Silent

Yes, it is true that you can command your mobile when to go silent. Surprised? In this cutting edge competition, several apps are built every minute and launched in either Google Play Store. Only innovative and attractive apps can survive the competition. Smartphone users, who love trying amazing apps, download and install the apps from the store and get delightful experience by using its features.

Boost your Ecommerce Sales with these Simple Tricks

Ecommerce is the buzzword nowadays. Be it small or big, every business is seeking online presence. Aiming long term success, business owners are getting smarter over time by implementing modern techniques to retail over internet. Convincing customers by satisfying their desires might seem a simple task, but actually you need to know several tricks to make your online store a one stop shopping destination.

Tips to Improve your Buyers' Involvement

Ecommerce websites that involve their viewers or buyers in the marketing strategies can enjoy benefits like improved sales and enhanced reliability. Let your customers know what your business plans are to keep them excited and involved. They would spread the word making your brand more reliable and popular. Getting them engaged would help build more focused strategies yielding better dividends.

Tricks that Impress Ecommerce Customers

Gaining your customers' trust is as important as your business credibility. Be it an online store or a brick and mortar store, customers demand care and attention. A smart and intelligent store owner implements several tricks to make the online store a feature-packed one-stop destination for their customers. Though online shopping is more convenient, there are people who are scared of the procedure and prefer shopping from the physical stores.

Spice up Your Product Description with these Simple Techniques!

"Visual depiction of products gives better idea about the product", true but outdated. In today's competitive era where enterprises are vying to get to the forefront, has to try something new! Product descriptions of eCommerce website have got precise to tune with the customer requirements.

Effectual CRM Services Aids to Business Proficiency

Businesses nowadays are getting flexible with the easy access of advance tools and technologies. CRM services are beneficial for the firms seeking effective business solution for desired revenue generation. Driving new customers and retaining the existing ones is the core to any business. Intuitive CRM solution simplifies this process.

Simple Tricks to Improve User Experience of your Online Store

Focusing on the cutting edge eCommerce competition, business owners need to earn their place in the hearts of their customers. Offering satisfactory and unforgettable user experience is one such way to leave a powerful impact on the customers encouraging them shop more frequently and stay connected for updates. Try to know them better for implementing the methods that amaze them. Let your customers find your store.

How MageMob POS Benefits eCommerce Industry

Imagine a scenario that you are interacting with your customer and you are being asked to add some products to his order and you got to tell them that you need to check the stock prior to updating his order. Is this a feasible scenario for any store owner? Such opportunities should not be missed. Business owners in the manufacturing industry need an intuitive solution that helps them manage the customers and the inventory at the same time.