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Best Beaches in Tangalle – Infamous Beach Resort of the South Sri Lanka

Tangalle Beach is made up of many little sandy beaches and coves that sit along the gorgeous Indian Ocean. The town is located 195kms from the city of Colombo and offers a mild climate.


Goyambokka Beach

A bit out of the way but Goyambokka is well worth the journey. Ask the local Tuk-Tuk drivers and they will get you there. The beach sits in private little cove where you will find a cosy little beach cabana style hotel offering delicious local meals and even a couple of sun beds. The water are not very mild, hence the beach is ideal for strong swimmers and a spot of body surfing. November to April has been recommended as the best season for swimming there.


Medaketiya Beach

This beach sits next to a lagoon and offers a rather colourful stretch of sun baked sand to bask on. The shore is scattered with many food kiosks where ordering a very economical and tasty meal is well recommended. What's more the lagoon is ideal for enjoying a spot of kayaking. The sea is a bit strong and not ideal for swimming but many visitors focus more on the swaying palm trees, relaxing ambiance and gorgeous sunsets witnessed there.


Mawella Beach

This is one of Tangalle's more secluded beaches. There you are likely to come across fishermen bringing in their crafts after a day's catch and a few stray animals. Enjoy the solitude and relaxing ambiance as the sunny skies and warm weather add to your holiday mood. The sea of course is rough and not too friendly for swimming with occasional under-currents.
If you are in the mood for rest and solitude consider a Tangalle Hotel that's tucked away in one of the towns many coves. Look out for a Tangalle Beach resort that offers total rest and relaxation in plush confines, to the accompaniment of great food and world class services. Part of a prestigious chain is the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort.


Medilla Beach

This Tangalle beach sits beside the Tangalle Lagoon and boasts a tranquil laid back ambiance. It is not over-crowded with many tourists while the sea around a rocky bay is ideal for swimming. There are many food kiosks and sunny resorts for grabbing a bite to eat.


Tangalle Lagoon

The Tangalle Lagoon is a must explore if you are patronising any one of the beaches that sit beside it. Quite large in comparison to other lagoons in the south the Tangalle Lagoon is favoured by many for kayak tours around the mangrove forests. Enjoy sights of birds and other wildlife such as iguanas around the lagoon. Medilla Beach is one of the favoured entry points. Do consider a tour of the Tangalle Lagoon and look forward to relaxing later on any one the gorgeous golden sandy beaches of Tangalle.