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TV Teleshopping

TV Teleshopping is best place where you can get multiple type of health, beauty, home and religious product at lowest price.


Dhan Laxmi Yantra

Dhan Laxmi Yantra

Dhan Laxmi Yantra is metal foils in which Goddess Malaxmi mantras are encrypted. It made with 24 carat Gold Plated. It can be places in pooja room, almirah and even in the purse also to get prosperity and victory in your life.

Fair Look Cream

With the use of superior Fair Look Cream You can perfectly remove acne, pimple mark and dark spot to successively get fairer and spotless skin in few days. This Innovative Fair Look solution can be easily used like face, neck, arms, legs etc and make your skin clean and clear to shine. It is pure herbal and ayurvedic solution.

Air Sofa Cum Bed

With the use of Inflatable Air Sofa Cum Bed You get perfect solution for seating and sleeping problem in short space of your living room, guest room, TV Room and Bed room etc. Air Sofa Bed easily used as in the house, outside of the house even in the water pulls perfectly. It is more flexible that can be also used for lounge and children bed.

Slim 24 Pro

With the help of Slim 24 Pro weight loss nutrition you can successively loss unwanted heavy weight and remove tummy fat in few days. This Superior Slim Pro is meal replacement that fulfill one time of your meal in day and gives you all the possible ingredients to manage your heavy weight and looks slim and fit.

Zero Addiction Powder

Zero Addiction Powder perfectly helps you to fight with addiction to successively quite harmful substance like-smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco or any other harmful substance. It minimizes your anxiety due to addiction, and simultaneously, Zero Addiction detoxifies your system and strengthens your body.


Hair Building Fiber

Hair Building Fiber

With the help of Innovative Hair Building Fiber oil you can stop your hair fall and achieve lost hair once again in few days. This Superior Hair fiber Oil contain organic and natural ingredients such as – keratin protein that successively build hair fiber and gives you clouded hair naturally.

Hot Shaper

With the help of Initiative Hot Shaper Neotex you can loss excess and heavy weight and body fat to looks more sweat and slim in few months. This is Smart Fabric Neotex which helps you to burning tummy fat as well as managed your heavy weight to get slim look. It is superior fitness wear that can be used as daily routine or exercise.


Air Bra

Air Bra

Air Bra is one of the best and slimming bras which give you gorgeous look. It is fully comfort to wear as well as serves endless pain of slipping straps. This superior Aire Bra becoming more popular in the world of woman undergarments because it easily adjusted and It targets all the trouble areas women want to fix and shapeless cups.

Sandhi Sudha

Sandhi Sudha plus joint pain relief oil is 100% natural and ayurvedic oil which effect on back pain, neck pain and joint pain. With this perfect Sandhi sudha oil quickly and successively get rid of joint pain without any side effect.


Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is Made-in-European Union with a patented technique for such small-scale inscription and comes in form of a beautiful pendant. It is a gold-plated Yantra with Complete Hanuman Chalisa printed in a miniature form, which is clearly visible to naked eyes.

Body Buildo

Body Buildo is well known for its numerous wonderful favours infused with the power of 100% whey protein. It helps your health muscular and well developed. Body Buildo commonplace delivered to you its legendary quality fineness at exceptional cost. This 100% whey protein gives you all the essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery and tissue regeneration.

Step Up Height Growth

Increase height by 4-6 inches in 60 days with Step up height increaser. No Side effects complete herbal product. 30 days money back refund. buy original step up height growth formula for 2600/- beware of fake sites. buy genuine buy step up height increaser.

Sandhi Sudha

Sandhi Sudha Plus is a revolutionary joint pain relief oil which instantly gives you relief from joint pain. Sandhi sudha oil contain rare and precious Himalayan medicinal plant extracts that helps the joints regain their stability and strength while effectively reducing the pain as well.

Wonder shaper

Wonder Shaper is most revolutionary product which helps you make slim and sweat body. It can be used while you doing exercise or doing home work. Wonder shaper reduces extra weight from your body and you will also look fit.


Allah Barkat

Allah Barkat

Allah Barkat Locket is most effective locket through which you get blessing of this beautiful life and successfully solve all the financial and major problems in life. Allah Barkat locket is beneficial to get rid from failures, misery, condemnation, frustrations, illusions and unmapped crossroads.

Growth on Height

Deemark Growth on Height Growth Ayurvedic Herbal formula is a revolutionary Step by Step Total Growth System that provides required nutrients to the body for height & body growth

Growth on Powder

Growth on Height Powder is a fully herbal product and it helps to growth of the body and give safely and naturally grow taller and faster without any side effects.


Fat Cutter Powder is superior herbal solution for reducing unwanted heavy weight to fill slimmer and fit in few days. Fat Cutter helps you to Loose tummy fat as well as boost metabolism of the body to successively sweat more n more.