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Headline for Green Roofing
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Green Roofing

Discover more about building restoration and green roofing for commercial facilities.

What are Green Roofs?

What does the term "green roof" signify? How are green roofs used in urban areas, and what are the benefits of green roofs?

Heat Island Effect | US EPA

The term "heat island" describes built up areas that are hotter than nearby rural areas. The annual mean air temperature of a city with 1 million people or more can be 1.8-5.4°F (1-3°C) warmer than its surroundings. In the evening, the difference can be as high as 22°F (12°C).

What is a Green Roof?

An aerial view of most urban areas shows swathes of asphalt, black tar and gravel-ballasted rooftops. Heat radiates off of the dark roofs, and water rushes over the hard, hopefully impermeable surfaces. Yet, there is a new trend that breaks up the monotony of common roofs: green rooftops.

The term "green roofs" has taken on several different meanings in recent years. At Sullivan Engineering, LLC we define green roofs as those roofs that contain vegetation, also known as vegetative roofs.