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Updated by Denise Hunt on Nov 03, 2015
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How You Can Benefit from an Office Wall Planner

Although most of us keep appointments and record information in our email calendars, portable diaries or on our mobiles, a wall calendar can work in combination to provide more in-depth and collaborative planning for your business. Here are the advantages of a wall planner, and why it should be a key tool for improved management in your office


Better organisation

A clearly visible wall planner will allow you and others to quickly refer to an upcoming date without having to open an application or flick through pages. This will greatly help with efficient organisation, especially if you’re prone to misplacing your portable calendar or diary!


Accessible for everyone

A wall planner in a central location that can be seen by colleagues will be easily viewable, and will enable people to communicate messages or changes in events more quickly and effectively. A planner with large numbers and a clear format will ensure that everyone is clear over the important days, dates and events.


Easy planning

Wall calendars or planners will allow you more space to write on than portable versions, making them great for planning goals or deadlines for the month or year ahead. Some people may not want to spoil or overload their own planners used for their personal affairs, therefore a communal planner purely for business use, will help to segment information as a useful planning and strategic tool.


Improved tracking

A larger and clear planner will make tracking and monitoring behaviour, events or information over time much simpler. You can use different coloured pens or stickers to further highlight key areas of focus and better remember important information. A wall planner is ideal in this way for structuring company goals.


Set a professional image

For visiting clients or key business contacts, seeing that you’re organised with a professional wall planner will set a good company image and give the impression that your business is structured and reliable.


Increases productivity

Seen on a daily basis, a wall planner or calendar can help motivate people to reach certain goals or deadlines clearly marked and visible to everyone. It could be a good idea to get two; one for reference and another for more detailed planning and tracking. This will mean staff won’t be overwhelmed with information and can better prioritise set tasks and plans.