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Updated by Net Technical on Nov 03, 2015
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The Advantages of Cloud Based Services

Cloud computing is fast being adopted by many businesses and is particularly beneficial for SMEs. Instead of running operations from applications downloaded on a physical server or computer, cloud based services provide access through the internet. Here are some of the main advantages for businesses:


Work from anywhere

For employees constantly out of the office or in a remote location, so long as they have internet access, they can access files and applications from anywhere and at any time! This is great for employees who would be better suited to work from home.


Keep your business safe

Keep your business safe

With proper backup in place a cloud solution will keep your files up to date to the latest versions and make them easily recoverable in the event of a fire or power outage. Most cloud providers will incorporate a disaster recovery solution into their service, meaning that downtime is minimised and your data will be well protected.


Central location

Cloud services are great for companies with multiple offices, where staff may need to collaborate on work. Instead of only one person being able to work on a file at a time and having to keep sending the document over email, the cloud keeps all the files in one central location so that everyone can work from one copy. This allows for increased monitoring of projects and efficiency, as staff can get any critical updates in real time.


Reduced maintenance

Reduced maintenance

Cloud computing providers can perform server maintenance, security and software updates for you, saving you spending time and money on your own resources.


A cost-effective solution

Cloud hosted solutions are generally pay as you go and involve little start-up costs, or unpredictable operating expenses. By adopting cloud computing for your business, you’ll also be reducing spending on expensive technology infrastructure.


Achieve more with fewer resources

Achieve more with fewer resources

The cloud can allow for higher levels of productivity with fewer people. Less training about how to use hardware will be needed, and software issues can be solved by your cloud provider which will further free up time for staff.



Cloud computing gives SMEs access to enterprise-class technology and allows them to act faster, putting them on a more equal footing with their large established competitors.