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Giel Garage Doors furnishes and installs garage doors, openers, entry doors, storm doors, awnings, retractable screens and glass block windows for residential and commercial customers.

Commercial Garage Doors - Safety Features to Look For

Garage doors can be made of wood, metal or fiberglass. They can be small or large. Some garage doors can slide or swing horizontally. Whether you wish to install a commercial or residential garage door, beauty, durability, and safety are some of the most important factors to bear in mind. Read more.

Garage Doors for Home

Residential Garage doors are used almost each day and can undergo wear and tear. If you notice erratic movement or problems with lifting it, it is time to look for a new door or hire experts to get the issue repaired. Read more.

Garage Door Repairs In Pittsburgh -Tips To Save Money On Repairs

Garage door repairs can be the trickiest thing to face, particularly when you are not familiar with the technical aspects of home repairs. Read more.

Garage Doors, The Long and Short of Them

There is no better way to increase the value of the house than with the installation of an automated garage door. They are relatively easy to install and at the same time cheap to acquire. Read more.

The first impression of your house is of utmost importance as it will set the mood of your guest and also portray a part of you as a person. But we should not forget that apart from the aesthetic value of the presence of an impressive door, it should also be able to provide the inhabitants of the house the right protection against all kinds of hazards – natural and human. Read more.

Doors in Strom City - Pittsburgh

Sometimes, doors are also used in the paintings to show the metaphor of ‘change’ in a poetic way. Doors are often shown as, the one that has the key is granted access to a door and he can have special significance. Read more.

Front Doors.... The Thing That Defines Your Abode's Entrance

If you are one of those who are thinking about buying front doors in Pittsburgh then you should know the three facts to bear in mind while purchasing. Read more.

Door Repair Service In Pittsburgh

Thomas V. Giel Corporation is one of the companies which provide Garage Door Repair Pittsburgh solutions and other related services. Read more.

Awnings Repair Services In Pittsburgh

Retractable Awnings Pittsburgh prove to be a very important tool to ensure the same and to maintain the quality of the vehicle by preventing it from any damages or natural consequences caused due to factors like weather etc. Read more.

All About Pittsburgh Garage Door Openers

Automatic garage door openers are convenient for those people who have a garage of their own. Because of the invention of this device, opening doors have become very convenient for all the people having their own garage. Read more.

Steps To Install A Garage Door Opener

Garage door installation Pittsburgh can be done in a couple of hours and garage door opener can be installed easily and opening and closing of doors can be quick and easier by making use of commercial garage door service Pittsburgh. Read more.

Why To Install Garage Doors?

A garage door is an entry/exit door to your garage, operated either manually or by a garage door opener. This works its way to ensuring safety and prettifying the outward beauty of your workplace. Read more.

Awnings: The Gateway To A Stylish Home

If you have a house in Pittsburgh, PA then this piece of information will do you good. Retractable awnings are a one stop solution to have that perfect little outdoor space all by you. Read more.

High Quality Storm Doors

In Pittsburgh you will discover that a storm door is absolutely essential, and if not even then it would greatly improve the protection and comfort of your home. Read more.

Why Should Prefer Aluminium Awning In Pittsburgh?

Both aluminium awnings and canvas awning have their own pros and cons. So past the material, you have to look and consider aspects such as durability and maintenance. Read more.

Pros And Cons One Needs To Know While Buying A Retractable Awning

A majority of homeowners purchase these items for using them as a shade for the decks, so as to make outdoor times more comfortable. Read more.

Types Of Awnings

Awnings are the secondary covering attached to the outside wall of a building. It generally consists of cotton or polyester yarn, canvas woven of acrylic, or vinyl laminated to polyester. Read more.

Types Of Garage Doors

Nowadays the garage doors are remote-controlled and motorized in order to avoid strain on the back. The most popular style of garage door is the overhead door in Pittsburgh. Read more.

Awnings: Tips on Making the Right Selection

There are different varieties of awnings in Pittsburgh, available for your porch or patio, which can be fixed or free standing and even ones that are flexible to use and can then be packed away. Read more.

Awnings may be used for both commercial and residential purposes. The most important use of this contraption is Sun protection as they provide shade and also help reduce heat. Read more.

Awnings are counted as structures that are used as covering option for other constructional elements of a space, such as windows, doors, exterior spaces, etc. Read more.

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