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11 Quick Tips to Make Your Travels Easier

Dave spoke on CBC Radio this morning about making your Spring Break Travels easier and we realized that a lot of people have questions about how to make their time at the airport more relaxing, speedier and easier. Travel can be stressful, but if you are prepared and take steps before you leave home, you can not only make your travels easier, you can have fun at the airport and relax the minute you leave home.
11 Tips to Make your Travels Easier
1. Arrive Early
This may sound routine, but we hear of so many


This may sound routine, but we hear of so many travellers arriving at the last minute at the airport. At one time, Dave and I waited 45 minutes for our parking lot shuttle to bring us to the airport. There wasn’t another way out and no taxis swing by this area, so we had no other choice but to stand and wait. As seasoned travellers who rack up nearly 100,000 air miles each year, we still arrive early to our flights. I’ve talked to other full time travellers who feel the same way. They (and we) say, why take the risk? Arrive early and relax.See: What’s Your Travel Style, Complement it at Toronto Pearson

Use Valet Parking Service

We usually book our parking online through ParknFly and did you know that for only $20 more (online only) you can upgrade to valet parking? Valet parking gets priority and there are more shuttles for this. You never have to wait more than eight minutes. It doesn’t matter anyway because you are waiting indoors! If it’s the middle of winter and you are flying somewhere warm, you don’t have to bring your heavy winter coats, leave them in the car, hop on the heated shuttle and be taken door to door. When you fly home, give them a call from the airport and they’ll have your car warmed up, scraped off and waiting for you when you get back. We even get our car detailed at ParknFly. Plus when you book online there are deep discounts for long-term parking!


Check in Online

We always check in online. That saves you tons of time of having to stand in line to check in at the teller. Most airlines now have a luggage drop off only section for those who have already checked in online. You have done all the paperwork and all you have to do is drop off your bags.


Carry on Only

Carry on Only

Or better yet, travel with carry on only bags. If you are flying south, you don’t need a lot of clothing. Pack a few sarongs, shorts, non wrinkle pants, and for a ladies a cute strappy dress or two and you are good to go. Most hotels supply shampoo, conditioner and soap and the small tubes of toothpaste are all you need for a week. Besides, you can always buy what you need at the gift shop.



Think about what you can and can’t bring on the plane with you. If you aren’t sure, don’t bring it! We’ve left behind some a nice mini screwdriver (I’m talking an inch long tops!) because we forgot it was in Dave’s camera bag. If you have a pointy object, liquids larger than 100ml or aerosol cans, they are taken away at security and thrown away. Start packing in advance and then go through your luggage once or twice before you leave and scale down. We have a lot of mix and match clothing that we can turn into several outfits with only 3 to 5 pieces.


Don’t be that guy in front of George Clooney in Up in the Air, be George Clooney!When you get to security, have everything you need to show in a plastic bag. We also carry our computers a separate canvas shopping bag when checking in and when going through security, it’s easy access and takes the weight out of your carryon. We wear slip on shoes with clean and nice socks. There’s nothing more embarrassing than holy socks at security! And men, don’t wear a belt.We always have everything put away before we get to security except our passport and boarding pass. We never carry anything in our pockets. Think of the word KISS…Keep it simple stupid.Note: Make sure your electronics are charged, with new security measures, you may be asked to turn on your computer, iPad or cell phone. If you can’t turn it on, it’s not coming with you!


Load Videos, Books or Music onto your phone or iPad

We always have TV series, movies and books loaded on our iPads. You can never count on the entertainment system working on the flight. Trust me it’s happened to us several times a year. We’ve sat in our seats, turn on our entertainment system and nothing happens. The airline always offers us a coupon to redeem miles for the inconvenience but that never works either. Luckily we have our must see flick on the iPad and we enjoy our flight either way. It passes the time in the airport too.


Bring snacks

Bring snacks

Flights are cutting down on giving passengers food and drink, so we always have a stash of food. Our go-to flying snack is a bagel with cream cheese and some crackers. It fills you up quickly and does the trick. It saves you having to buy food on the plane if they don’t offer it, and it helps out with the pitiful quantity of food they do give you if you get a meal.This is also a good tip for kids, trust me I know. Dave’s a big kid and he gets grumpy when he’s hungry, if I give him a treat, he’s instantly happy.



We use American Express Platinum to get into lounges all over the world regardless of what airline we’re flying. In Toronto they have American Express lounges that cardmembers can enter for free, but get this! Non Cardmembers can enter too for a fee. $40 gets you lounge access with food and drinks covered including alcoholic beverages. Just look for the Plaza Premium Lounge.We see this at all airports. It’s different credit cards at each airport around the world, but there’s usually always one lounge that offers people entry for a fee. We say, if you travel a lot, get that card that offers the Priority Pass, we have access to 600 lounges across the globe.



Water is a tricky one. You know you can’t bring any water bottles with you through security but what about empty bottles? We’ve seen people have to leave behind their Nalgenes and thermoses, so we never bother. If you want to bring something to fill your own water bottle, use a collapsable water bottle or we bite the bullet and buy water at the airport. Flight attendants are supposed to bring you all the water you need, but believe me it never happens. I’m always parched on the plane and they never come around enough. You can go back and ask for some though, so don’t be afraid to get what you want.



We always carry small bills of US Dollars and Euros with us. It’s great for tolls if we are driving across the border, but we also have it to tip our valet or porters when we arrive at the hotel. When we arrive at our we go to the ATM in the airport and get out a couple hundred dollars in the local currency. We don’t buy currency in Canada, we just get it when we arrive. With chip cards, we can use our credit cards all over the world.There are plenty of ways to make your travels easier, just remember, this a vacation so have fun. Give yourself the time you need so you don’t feel pressure at the airport. Terminals are getting better each day with free wifi, lounge access, and even massages. So start vacation early and make your time at the airport a part of your trip!